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Loka: Fantasy Chess

This holiday season, many of us will be meeting up with friends and relatives who might not really be gamers. So grabbing one of your more-complex board games might not be the best. However, having so
And our TGN broadcast day will end with one of the bigger sales for the weekend. Mantic Games doesn't disappoint with their Black Friday sales announcement. This weekend you can pick up Deadzone for 5
Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebook
Mantic takes a look at the Loka box set and shows you what's inside in their blog post.SourceFrom the article:LOKA is the new Game of Elemental Strategy from Alessio Cavatore, River Horse and Mantic G
Mantic Games is now taking pre-orders for Loka, their fantasy chess-like board game.SourceFrom the announcement:In Loka, you control one or more armies of elemental fantasy warriors – Fire, Earth, Air
Loka is under 2 days left for their Kickstarter and they're still making it through more stretch goals.From the update:Huzzah – less than 48 hours to go and boom, stretch goal smashed!That’s 8 additio
Loka has just 4 days left on Kickstarter. They've just broken $75k and have posted a stretch goal for $85k.From the update:If we hit $85,000, we’ll be able to upgrade the LOKA scenery. We’ll create sh
Toyz N the Hood recently sat down with Alessio Cavatore and chatted about things. Go read what they had to say.From the interview:Toyz N The Hood interviews Alessio to talk about his current projects,
The Deployment Zone recently sat down with Loka game designer Alessio Cavatore to talk about Loka.From the interview:Alessio Cavatore, game designer and founder of River Horse Games, talks to The Depl
Chilling Wargamers has posted up episode 10 of their vidcast online for your viewing pleasure.In this episode:Alessio Cavatore Talks About Loka on Chilling Wargamers
Loka, the fantasy chess game from Mantic, just keeps unlocking more and more over on Kickstarter. Now they've got the ice set unlocked.
Mantic Games catches some wicked air, getting funding for the Air Set for Loka: Fantasy Chess.From the announcement:The LOKA Kickstarter has hit the $60,000 stretch – and that means the Air Chess Set
Loka: Fantasy Chess, from Mantic, has 12 days to go up on Kickstarter. The creator of the game, Alessio Cavatore, recently sat down with TGN and had a chat about his history with Chess and a bit of th
Board Game Geek is giving away pledge levels of Loka: Fantasy Chess from Mantic. Go and get yourself entered into the contest (on their site. We're not giving it away. We'll have our own give-away lat
Mantic has posted up another WIP rules set for Loka: Fantasy Chess on the front page of their Kickstarter campaign.From the campaign:I can’t believe that we’re actually chasing the Air Chess Set down,
Mantic is still going strong with their Loka campaign. They're showing off some new photos of their Earth and Fire sets.From the preview:With over 500 Backers now pledging to help fund LOKA, we've pos
Pins of War recently sat down and talked with Alessio Cavatore about Loka: Fantasy Chess. They thought you'd like to know what they had to say.From the interview:Alessio Cavatore was kind enough to ho
Mantic shows off the gameplay for their Fantasy Chess game Loka with this new video.From the preview:Super update for you today as I sit down in front of the camera and show you the core mechanics of
Mantic has mapped out the stretch goals for their Loka: Fantasy Chess campaign. Let's see how many they can get through (all would be a nice place to start).From the update:Last night we achieved the
Mantic has added some more add-ons and other goodies to their Loka: Fantasy Chess Kickstarter event.From the announcement:We’re turning the heat up with the LOKA Kickstarter by giving you more free st
Mantic is showing off some more pieces for their Loka: Fantasy Chess game.From the preview:Previews of the LOKA Air and Ice Chess Sets this weekend as we ask you – what do you want to see next? Let us
Mantic has posted up the artwork for their Kickstarter-exclusive Loka model. Go take a look.From the announcement:REVEALED – The LOKA Kickstarter Exclusive River Horse Knight, included free in the Bis
Mantic shows us more in the creation process for Loka with Part II of their Developer Diary.From the article:Let me now take you on a journey through the design process of the Prithvi.First of all: th
Mantic has made it past some more stretch goals and is adding a King figure to copies of Loka, their fantasy chess set.From the announcement:I always had the ambition to get all four Chess Sets tooled
Mantic is doing rather well on their Loka: Fantasy Chess Kickstarter. They've updated with a look at an overview of the rules as well as some of the different pieces for the game.From the update:With
Mantic just set aloft their Loka: The World of Fantasy Chess Kickstarter campaign.From the campaign:Enter Loka, the world of fantasy chess - it's both the chess set you've always dreamed of and a new