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LnL Publishing

LnL Publishing is working on a new version of All Things Zombie that they've called "All Things Zombie Reloaded." They're revamping the award-winning game with more missions, maps, and of course, zomb
Club Fantasci's David Lowry sits down with Larry Bogucki and has a chat about Warparty.There's a party... in my war... would you like to go to the party in my war?SourceFrom the post:David Lowry inter
Club Fantasci spent the weekend with the fellas from LnL Publishing and they wanted to let you know how it was.SourceFrom the post:Last weekend I was visiting LnL Publishing (formerly Locked n’ Loaded
Club Fantasci and LnL Publishing are teaming up to give you the chance to win Warparty.SourceFrom the website:Enter to win a copy of the fantasy game Warparty from LnL Publishing and Club Fantasci! Tw