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Little Wars

We're almost to the end of the year. The final month is upon us. There's no better time than now to be working on plans for next year. The convention season almost never ends now, and you can find som
PicoArmor will be at Little Wars this weekend and are bringing their Oddzial Osmy stuff with them.From the announcement:PicoArmor will have Oddzial Osmy 3mm Modern, WWII, American Civil War, Napoleoni
Acheson Creations will be going to Little Wars here in a couple weeks. Will you be going in order to stop by?From the article:We will have stock of our new and most popular items for sale including ma
Games Plus is the only store at Little Wars that's going to be carrying Oddzial Osmy (exclusively distributed by PicoArmor in the US) stuff at Little Wars coming up soon. So if you want that stuff, yo
Micropanzer Wargame Studio is headed to Little Wars with some new products and is offering a discount if you pick it up at the show.From the announcement:Micropanzer , Syr Hobbs, Combat Wombat attendi
PicoArmor will be bringing the Oddzial Osmy and SPC 3mm ranges to Little Wars. From their announcement: PicoArmor will have SPC 3mm buildings and Oddzial Osmy 3mm Modern, WWII, and American Civil War