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Another new case for Liminal has been released from Modiphius in pdf format. It's called The Eyes Have It and it continues the story that was started in their previous adventure, One Boggart's Rubbish
So, you've headed to London and you're having a jolly ol' time. But all is not well in the city on the Thames. A fae knight has lost something and it's up to the party members to find it. But this isn
Digital versions of books are just fine. You can carry a library in your pocket. You can search through them quickly. But... I'm still always more fond of having an actual book in my hand. It's just h
The city of London has been around for quite a long time and there are many storied buildings and streets that twist and turn through the metropolis. Even in the real world, there's tons of hidden noo
A new set of case notes is available for the Liminal RPG from Modiphius. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is one of the world's great authors and now, a family member has come across his notes on the various su
When it comes to ancient standing stones, the best bet is to just let them be. However, a construction company has gotten the rights to develop the area. Before they get to putting in a new minimall,
A trip to the Scottish highlands sounds nice and relaxing. I certainly wouldn't mind going there. However, I might skip it if there's a ton of ghost activity in the region. And that's just what is goi
In their ever-continuing quest to be the publisher for every RPG ever created, Modiphius has a new one available over in their webshop. This time it's Liminal. The world we live in is a lot more excit