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It's been a long time since we've heard much about Leviathans, the alternate history game that takes players to the skies with huge air battleships. Well, they've not be doing nothing. They've been bu
Some people are moving into new spots over in the Catalyst Game Labs offices. They have named John Helfers will move into the role of Executive Editor. Meanwhile, Ray Arrastia has been promoted to ful
Catalyst Game Labs gives us a look at some Ship Crew & Ship Quirk cards for Levithans in this new preview article.SourceFrom the post:Been a good while since we’ve had an update for Leviathans. Things
Catalyst Game Labs has a new update about Leviathans up. It's not the most upbeat post ever about the future of the game.SourceFrom the post:Been a number of months since the last update as we’ve cont
Catalyst Game Labs has the next open beta PDF for Leviathans posted up online. Try it out and help shape the future of the game.SourceFrom the update:irst, thanks to everyone that voted…got the tallie
Catalyst Game Labs is working their way towards another Leviathans Kickstarter, but in the meantime, they've still got some new previews up.SourceFrom the post:Hey all,While we’re still in a holding p
Catalyst Game Labs takes to the skies with a set of rules for various elevations as well as clouds for Leviathans.SourceFrom the post:Been a while since the last update and so thought I’d make it well
Catalyst Game Labs has announced that they'll be running a Leviathans Kickstarter this fall in order to expand the game.From the announcement:We know how to make books. I like to joke that we can fall
Catalyst Game Labs is previewing the new Ship Quirks and Crew Abilities they're looking to come out for Leviathans at GenCon.From the announcement:There won’t be new ships or the Captain’s Box at Gen
Catalyst Game Labs is showing off a new ship for Leviathans with a preview of the SMS Wolve.From the update:Sigh…once again, have to start with an apology. The launch of Shadowrun, Fifth Edition has b
Leviathans, from Catalyst Game Labs, asked their fans to come up with some scenarios they'd like to see for the game. Those scenarios are now up for public viewing and review.From the announcement:Sev
The Dice Tower took a look at Leviathans from Catalyst Game Labs and has posted up a video of their thoughts on the subject.From the review:Tom Vasel takes a look at this airship miniatures game
Catalyst Game Labs has posted up another of their Art Development posts for Leviathans, taking a look at the continuing creation of the German aesthetic.From the update:If you look at any of the Frenc
Catalyst Game Labs put up an excerpt from the Captain's Manual for Leviathans. They're also soliciting for scenario ideas.From the website:Got two great things to expand your Leviathans enjoyment in t
Catalyst Game Labs shows off their awesome offerings for the next couple months, letting us know when all the goodies will be available in our gaming shops.For you Billy Joel fans... Storm Front's com
Catalyst Game Labs has been busy little bees. They've posted up Recognition and Ship Cards for Leviathans up online for your downloading and viewing pleasure.From the announcement:As promised, here’s
Catalyst Game Labs gives you another look into the design of the Germans for Leviathans in their latest design diary post.From the update:Okay…it’s been long enough…time to move onto the next stage of
Catalyst Game Labs gives you the opportunity to look at the stat cards and recognition cards for the British Leviathans fleet by posting them up online.From the announcement:In the mean time, as with
Catalyst Game Labs gives us another look inside the design process for the new Germans coming out soon for Leviathans.From the blog post:So I started out the first blog post showing the earliest itera
Catalyst Game Labs posted up some preview artwork for their upcoming German Leviathans ships.From the preview:It’s been a long, long times since I’ve been able to generate a blog post about art develo
Catalyst Game Labs put up the street dates for their offerings for Leviathans and Battletech this month.From the website:New October Street DatesThe following products have a Street Date of OCTOBER 17
Leviathans, from Catalyst Game Labs, ran a huge Master's Game during GenCon. Well now they've got the rules for that out for everyone to see and try.If you read the Gen Con Wrap-Up report, you know I
Leviathans has had quite a year going around the convention circuit. They've posted up some of their favorite photos as well as some future events.From the website:I’ve mentioned several times now tha
Leviathans is giving you a chance to help tweak their points system for their game by running an open Beta Test for their points system.From the announcement:Have you ever played a game and wondered h
Leviathans is now on game store shelves. Woo! Now for some cool extras. Like this downloadable content including rules for adding clouds to your games.From the update:Been waiting to release this one