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Level 99 Games

Murderous maniacs are on the loose. They're creating an abattoir of horrors that you must escape from. Can you survive the night? Or will you be dead by daylight? Only you can find out by playing, app
A new board game version of a popular video game will soon be headed to Kickstarter. It's Dead by Daylight and it's a joint project with Level 99 Games and Behaviour Interactive. Two versions of the g
Most rail-building games take place in the real world, if set back in history a bit. Well, the fantasy realms need trains, too. That's what you'll be building in Empyreal: Spells & Steam. Level 99
Level99 Games has a new real-time puzzle shoot-'em-up board game project over on Kickstarter. It's called Bullet♥︎ and yes, the heart is just as important as any other letter in the title. Anyway, cre
Saturday!Saturday!Saturday!Umm... read that like Elton John.Anyway, it's Saturday (if you hadn't noticed), so that means it's time to hang out and play some games. But it's also time for some reviews.
And we've made it to another weekend. I'm sure a lot of you are up at the LGS, trying out 8th Edition 40k. But between those games and talking about all the stuff you're going to do with your army, he
One of the most famous 8-bit warriors of all time is Mega Man. He's been running through dungeons, fighting off robotic foes for Dr. Light for decades. One of the most famous pixel-based card games is
Congratulations! You've made it to Saturday! *throws a little party*Mine's been busy so far. We're just a couple weeks out from Gen Con, and that means about a million little things to get done (along
Saaaatuuuuuuurrrdaaaaaaaaaay!Saturday of a long weekend, too. All. The. Bonus!But that doesn't mean I'm going to shirk my duties. You want your review articles, and I'm here to give them to you.So I p
I, as I mentioned in my post yesterday, am more-than-likely playing 2nd edition D&D when this will be posted to the site.Some friends I know have a long-running campaign and the DM is writing me in as
Level 99 Games takes a humorous look at the culture of CCGs with their new board game, Millennium Blades, that's up on Kickstarter now. The game focus on a group of friends that play Millennium Blades
It's another Saturday. Hopefully you've got something fun going on.Anyway, here's the reviews we found during the week (it was apparently a big week for posting reviews. There's quite a lot to go thro
Level 99 Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for their new Pixel Tactics Deluxe box set. For those that don't know, Pixel Tactics is a card game that brings the feel of old, 8-bit RPG games to the
Board Game Quest took a look at Pixel Tactics 3 from Level 99 Games and gives you their thoughts on the subject.SourceFrom the article:Tony has been selfishly reviewing the excellent Pixel Tactic game
Board Game Quest sat down with Brad Talton Jr. of Level 99 Games and had a little chat. Go see what they talked about.SourceFrom the interview:A little while ago I had a chance to pick the brain of ga
Board Game Quest has posted up another of their game reviews. This one's for Pixel Tactics.SourceFrom the review:Pixel Tactics, from Level 99 Games, was originally introduced in their Mini Game Librar