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Letters From Whitechapel

Jack the Ripper, arguably history's most notorious serial killers is still on the loose. Police are baffled. Citizens are terrified. Something has to be done about it. Dear Boss expands on the Letters from Whitechapel experience by fully fleshing out the game. There's figure to replace various tokens from the base game. There's more historical information about the heinous murders. There's also several new variants for how you play the game. It's available now.
Jack the Ripper is arguably the most famous serial killer of all time. In Letters from Whitechapel, you get to play out those terrifying nights in London, either as the police looking to capture the monster, or as Jack, looking to find another victim and escape into the fog. Now, Fantasy Flight Games has announced an expansion titled Dear Boss that gives you even more options for when you play.
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