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Legionnaire Games

Who doesn't love a birthday? Cake. Party games. Friends. Cake. Balloons. Cake.
Well Legionnaire Games is turning 5 this year. *sniffle.* They grow up so fast...
And they're having a celebration in which you get the presents. They have a Birthday Contest Giveaway up and running now.
Legionnaire Games is pleased to announce the release of the Strike Legion Tactical Rules Compendium.

Strike Legion Tactical


From the release:

More than just a simple compilation of the four books in the Strike Legion Tactical series (the award-winning Strike Legion Main Rulebook, Module 1: The Genome Gambit, Module 2: The Clockwork Armies and Skunk Works), the Strike Legion Tactical Rules Compendium contains one of the most complete game systems available on the market today for playing ‘hard’ Science Fiction or Science Fantasy miniatures battles using small-scale miniatures (2mm to 15mm).

While the easy-to-learn core game rules and procedures (including Strike Legion’s unique, integrated Electronic Warfare system) have not changed from their original versions, many of the procedures around those core rules have been simplified or standardized. All of the various weapons and systems whose use was formerly tracked using check boxes on unit Data Cards have been modified to simple (Depletion or Usage) die roll functions, obviating the need for most written records during game play, and many other sections have been edited or re-written for better clarity and ease of implementation.

Legionnaire Games has released their Close Quarters: Skirmish Miniature Rules book. Go get your sci-fi skirmish minis gaming on.


From the release:

SpecOps missions. Prisoner rescues. Data retrieval. Ambush the enemy, sabotage his equipment and installations. Completing your mission is critical; any casualties are acceptable.

Close Quarters: Skirmish, based on our boardgame of the same name, is a fast-paced SciFi miniatures game of small-scale combat operations, suitable for 15mm to 28mm figure scales. Each model represents an individual trooper, vehicle, or crewed weapon; game sizes can range from 12 to 50-60 models (a reinforced platoon of infantry, or a cross attached armored or airborne company), and last from 45 minutes up to a couple of hours.
Legionnaire Games has put up the demo version of the new game, Weltkrieg, online and it's available to download for free. Go check it out.

From the release:

Legionnaire Games have released a free demo of our upcoming Grand Tactical WWII tabletop wargaming rules, Weltkrieg. This demo includes the complete game's basic rules, plus all of the unit data, force organization charts, and game markers to play the enclosed scenario (Prokhorovka).

Written primarily for 6mm figures, the game can easily accommodate figure scales ranging from 2mm to 15mm.

The complete book, which focuses on German and Soviet forces on the Eastern Front, will be available by the end of August. Additional expansion will cover armies of other nations on the Eastern Front, and ( the Western, Desert, and Pacific theaters of war.

Legionnaire Games has released their expansion to Close Quarter: The Prometheus Incident with Close Quarters: Infestation.

From the release:

Close Quarters: Infestation allows players to re-create the overrun of the Earth Protectorate research outpost Contego by a previously unknown alien race, the Llysa'ath. This Close Quarters module includes:

New terrain rules, including outdoor terrain such as trees, depressions, bushes, and low walls;
Rules for operating the Llysa'ath, a reptilian peoples with four distinct classes of troopers;
A section on Night Fighting, plus new equipment specifically for use in dark environments;
5 new scenarios depicting the action in and around Contego Base, some of which occur across multi-level scenario maps;
15 pages of new room and corridor tiles rendered at 300dpi, including bonus tiles not used in the enclosed scenarios, and new counters and markers for the Llysa'ath;
Guidelines for converting Close Quarters into a 15mm- or 28mm-based tabletop miniatures game, including tabletop measuring templates and a point-based troop builder to help balance your miniatures-based scenarios.

Legionnaire Games has released their Task Force Zeta: Flesh and Steel fleet-level starship game. Go download yourself a copy.

From the release:

Legionnaire Games has released the first Fleet Pack for Task Force Zeta. Flesh and Steel pits the forces of mankind's United Colonies against the Cyberon, a race of mechanical constructs, in sweeping fleet engagements across the known universe. This Fleet Pack includes:

* A background history that describes the basic setting and the conflicts of the First and Second Wars between the United Colonies and the Cyberon;
* Data Cards for 37 capital and escort vessels, along with a dozen fighter and shuttlecraft, in a new (and far more attractive) data card format;
*A section with basic descriptions of each ship and fighter class in this Fleet Pack, along with availability charts for fighting pick-up games with 'historically accurate' forces;
*A short selection of special rules to better reflect this universe (that can also be adopted for any game of Task Force Zeta);
*Two battle scenarios;
*Two Tactical Campaign Games, including a CG map, terrain notes for each of the 22 star systems on the map, and the addition of simple resource management to replace fleet losses during a Tactical CG;
*Suggestions on where to find appropriate miniatures to better reflect the vessels of the combatants on your tabletop.

(PDF USD$7.50)

Legionnaire Games has released their newest print-and-play board game: Close Quarters. Available now on Wargame Vault.

From the release:

Close Quarters is a fast-paced print 'n play boardgame of futuristic man-to-man combat, played on maps created from multiple room tiles. Using easy-to-learn game mechanics, The Prometheus Incident places players in the roles of the defending crewmembers of the Earth Protectorate Ship Prometheus or the troopers of an assaulting rebel faction intent on capturing the vessel for their own purposes, with battles fought within the confines of the key areas of the ship.

Close Quarters: The Prometheus Incident includes:
Legionnaire Games now has Platoon Leader print edition available as well as some updates. Check 'em out on Wargame Vault.

From the update:

The print edition of Legionnaire Games' 15mm SciFi ground combat game, Strike Legion: Platoon Leader ($29.95 with PDF/$24.95 book
only), is ready and available for immediate shipment.
Legionnaire Games has released their Strike Legion: Platoon Leader game (we'd shown you the free demo download previously). It's over on Wargame Vault.

From the update:

Legionnaire Games has released the full version of their 15mm SciFi tabletop miniatures game.

Strike Legion: Platoon Leader is a 15mm-based small unit combat game, where individual soldiers can make the difference between victory and defeat. The game features:
Legionnaire Games has a free demo of their Strike Legion: Platoon Leader over on Wargame Vault. Why not check it out?

From the update:

Legionnaire Games has released a free preview of their upcoming Strike Legion: Platoon Leader 15mm SciFi minis rulebook.This preview/demo version includes the introduction and Basic Infantry Combat sections of the complete rulebook, along with a trial scenario and everything needed to play through it using your miniatures.

The complete rulebook will be available mid-May for $12.50 (PDF); the print edition will be available mid-June ($TBA).

Legionnaire Games Task Force Zeta, Fleet Auxiliaries brings these forces and more to your tabletop space battles:


From their announcement:

You've learned how to defeat your enemies on the distant borders of The Empire, commanded powerful warships and fighter wings in battle, and lived to tell your tales in the officer's lounge. But none of your accomplishments would have been possible were it not for a plethora of supporting troops, supply tenders, repair vessels, and starbases along your route to the enemy's front door. Time to give them their due.
Legionnaire Games has released Task Force Zeta.

From their announcement:

Task Force Zeta is a game of starship combat set in any future you wish to imagine! Fight ship-on-ship duels with the enemy or engage entire fleets in battles of 50-60 ships per fleet - and finish the battle in anywhere from 30 minutes to an afternoon's gaming time.

The rulebook is divided into easy-to-learn sections and uses a form of programmed instruction, allowing players to apply newly-learned rules sections over the course of seven scenarios - begin playing the game in as little as 15 minutes!
Legionnaire Games has announced updates, new releases and sales.

From their website:

We've made two PDF bundles available for a limited time - the Strike Legion Tactical Bundle and the Strike Legion Everything Bundle.

The Tactical Bundle includes the Strike Legion Main Rulebook, Module One: The Genome Gambit, Module Two: The Clockwork Armies, and Skunk Works; the Everything Bundle adds the Strike Legion Planetary Operations rulebook and The War That Never Was expansion. Each of these bundles will save you a little bit more than purchasing the books individually.

If you've been thinking about getting started with or expanding your collection of books in the Strike Legion series, this is a great opportunity to jump off the fence and get playing!
The War That Never WasLegionnaire Games have released a modern supplement for their Strike Legion: Planetary Operations sic-fi rules called The War That Never Was. From their announcement:
Legionnaire Games has released The War That Never was: a Planetary Operations Module ($6.99 PDF): May 1, 1989: The world goes to war as Soviet forces lead the Warsaw Pact armies against the defenders of the West. The war was brief, brutal, and nearly destroyed the developed world. Or, it could have - had it actually happened. Step into an alternate past to play out battles from The War That Never Was on a brigade and divisional level. This Strike Legion: Planetary Operations module includes:
  • New rules for engineers (including bridging, bridge demolition, vehicle recovery, and in-game construction of fortifications), scouts, anti-tank detachments, rocket artillery, and more (each of which can be adapted to any Planetary Operations game or setting);
  • Special rules specific to both NATO and Warsaw Pact armies to better capture the feel of commanding these forces;
  • Force lists and Data Cards for operating the armies of the United States, West Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Greece, Turkey, Denmark, Soviet Union, East Germany, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary on your tabletop battlefields;
  • Five scenarios and one campaign game highlighting the action of World War Three from Denmark to the Dardanelles;
  • Additional units and force organizations that allow players to alter the time or location of the war with more modern equipment and formations not highlighted in the scenarios.
History awaits your decision... Note: this is not a complete game. You must own a copy of the Strike Legion: Planetary Operations rulebook to utilize the materials contained herein.
Legionnaire Games have posted an update on the status of their website, product releases and new products they have in the works. From their announcement:
Legionnaire Games has been somewhat quiet (at least publicly) for the last couple of months, so we wanted to let our current (and future) customers in on what we've been doing behind-the-scenes of late: Skunk Works and Planetary Operations Now in Print The fourth volume of the Strike Legion Tactical series, Skunk Works (88 pages, MSRP $29.95), and the self-contained Grand Tactical/Operational ground combat game, Strike Legion: Planetary Operations (120 pages, MSRP $37.95)are now available in print editions. Each book is a full-color, softcover, perfect-bound edition that can be purchased through Wargame Vault or your local retailer.
Strike LegionLegionnaire Games is now selling print copies of their Strike Legion sci-fi rules. From their announcement:
Legionnaire Games is pleased to announce that the first three books in the Strike Legion game series are now available in print editions through Wargame Vault Each full color, perfect-bound softcover book is available for purchase with or without the PDF edition of the game book. Listed prices are (print edition + PDF/print edition only), in USD: Dealer inquiries are welcome, and can be directed to
Strike Legion: Skunk WorksLegionnaire Games have released the Strike Legion: Skunk Works supplement for their Strike Legion sci-fi rules. From their announcement:
Legionnaire Games has released the newest book in the Strike Legion tactical game series. Strike Legion: Skunk Works is an 84-page extension that brings new optional and "advanced" rules to your gaming table. The fourth volume in the Strike Legion tactical series includes:
  • Rules for Scout EW, Tank Riders, Psionic combat, capturing enemy vehicles and troops, Aimed Shots, Ambushes, Drones, and more.
  • Complete rules for rail movement, trains, and land trains.
  • Solitaire gaming rules for the Strike Legion tactical game series.
  • New types of missiles, missile warheads, and artillery payloads.
  • Many new systems, weapons, and attributes.
  • A preview from an upcoming Strike Legion sourcebook of two opposing forces - The Omani Imperium and the Rikai'ishi'i Empire - including brief backgrounds and Data Cards for these two combatants.
  • Four new scenarios pitting these forces against each other in interesting tactical situations.
  • A consolidated construction section that includes all of the construction data from all Strike Legion tactical books to date.
  • Additional reference charts and game markers.
The Strike Legion: Skunk Works PDF retails for $9.99.

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