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Legends of the Dark

There's a new version of Descent just on the horizon. It's called Legends of the Dark and it will bring the dungeon-delving excitement back to your tabletops. But just how will the game work compared
Fantasy Flight Game has two big board games that they've been working on, Unfathomable and Legends of the Dark. If you're craving more info about either (or both), then you'll want to tune in to Fanta
The new Descent game, called Legends of the Dark, is coming soon from Fantasy Flight. As usual, you'll be heroes looking to save the world of Terrinoth. But who will you be saving it from? That's just
A new Descent game, Legends of the Dark, is making its way to your tabletops soon. As always, there's various heroes that will be heading into those creepy, crawly spaces. Who are they and who will yo
Terrinoth is back. Fantasy Flight's fantasy setting that they've used in many different games is making a resurgence in Descent: Legends of the Dark, a new dungeon-crawl board game that the company is