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Legendary Showdown

I know. I know. This was supposed to go up yesterday.
Well, WordPress has been flaky lately and it missed its posting window. Hence why it's going up now with a reworded opening talking about it not being posted on Saturday instead of saying, "I'm going to the LGS and gonna pick me up a Minx for Guild Ball!"

But anyway, without any further delay, today we have: Great Western Trail, Click Click Boom, Radiant, Potion Explosion: The Fifth Element expansion, Rone: Races of New Earth, Legendary Showdown, Pocket Madness, Quadropolis, Rocky Road a la Mode, Race for the Galaxy iOS, Warhammer 40k: 8th Edition, Warhammer 40k: Dark Imperium, Port Royal, Flying Kiwis, and Magic Maze.

I love webcomics. I used to read a couple dozen a day, actually. Some days, when most would update, it could take 30-60min just to check them all. My favorite is The Whiteboard. Doc has had numerous cameos in various other comics. One of which is Girl Genius. If you want to bring Girl Genius to your tabletop, you can do so now with Legendary Showdown: Machines and Magic.
It’s time once again for another Found on TGN Desk segment, a regular feature where we give you a quick look over a game that seems to have made it onto our desk at some point in time. For this installment, it’s Legendary Showdown by Killer Robot Games. In Legendary Showdown, players are looking to be the last one with characters still in their Character Line. That’s pretty much it. Really simple, until you get into the nuts and bolts of it.