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Legendary Inventors

It's a beautiful Saturday here in Atlanta. The sun's shining. It's warm outside.
... Sounds like a perfect time to go to the LGS and stay inside, playing games all day! :D
And to those dealing with ice up in the midwest, best to stay inside and play some games all day.
Long story short, it's a good day to play some games. But what games? Well, you could check out these reviews and pick from there.

Today we have: Ulm, Orcs Must Die, Titan Race, Tavern's Tales, Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, Doom, Flash Point: Extreme Danger, Praetor, The Daedalus Sentence, Twilight Struggle- Digital Version, Imhotep, Forged in Steel, Mi Tierra, Saloon Tycoon, Legendary Inventors, Flammer Rouge, Watch Your Mouth, Draconis Invasion, Ice Cool, Celestia, The Foreign King, Sub Terra, Wasteland Justice, Takenoko, and Drinking Quest Journey Into Draught.

It's Christmas Eve and the first night of Hanukkah, so there's a good chance you're hanging out with friends and family. Hopefully that includes playing games of some sort. But how do you know which game might be the best? Good thing there's reviews out there. And that's just what we're here with now.

Today we have: Power Grid, The Bermuda Crisis Discovery Dawning, Grand Prix, Colt Express App, Red7 App, Legendary Inventors, Congo, Master of Orion, Final touch, Great Western Trail, Captain Carcass, and The Networks.

From the creation of fire, the wheel, and the club, inventors have been pushing mankind forward. Every day, we build upon the great inventions of the past. But what could be better than a single inventor, toiling away in their lab? Well, a group of history's greatest inventors working together, of course! And that's just what you get to do in Legendary Inventors, now available from Asmodee.
Since humans first realized that rolling logs can help move things and you can attach a sharp rock to a stick to make it more easy to hunt, there have been great inventors making our lives simpler and more enjoyable. Now Asmodee puts you in charge of a group of these great inventors, all of you looking to be the one that creates the next latest and greatest marvel of science and technology, in Legendary Inventors.