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Legend of the Five Rings

This'll be it. This'll be the final set coming for this iteration of the Legend of the Five Rings LCG from Fantasy Flight. It's Under Fu Leng's Shadow. This deluxe expansion will also bring cooperativ
Fantasy Flight Games has announced that the run of making the Legend of the Five Rings card game is coming to an end. This latest chapter in the game's long saga will end with one last deluxe release
A trio of new LCG sets are available from Fantasy Flight. They've got the new Wasp set for Marvel Champions, along with a new play mat featuring her. There's also a new Arkham Horror as well as Legend
Fantasy Flight has a whole bunch of releases they put up on store shelves over the weekend. There's the new starter sets as well as fighter packs and other supplements for Star Wars: Armada, bringing
Fantasy Flight Games has a new batch of card sets available now. If you're a fan of Marvel Champions, you can pick up the Ant Man hero Pack now. There's also a new set for Arkham Horror and Legend of
A trio of new LCG products are available from Fantasy Flight now. It includes the big box The Innsmouth Conspiracy set for Arkham Horror. There's a new Legend of the Five Rings release. And, there's a
Fantasy Flight has some new releases available for you over in their webshop as well as at your LGS. If you're wanting the new Marvel Champions expansion, you've got a big one in the form of The Rise
I hope you've been saving your nickels because Fantasy Flight unloaded quite a lot of new releases. There's 5 new decks for Arkham Horror LCG. There's the new Celestial Realms and Wheel of Judgement b
A new batch of card game releases are available from Fantasy Flight. There's the new Hulk Hero Pack for Marvel Champions. There's the Return to the Forgotten Age expansion for Arkham Horror the Card G
Let's face it, Rokugan isn't exactly the most peaceful place ever. While there are certainly times of piece, the different Houses tend to fight a lot against one-another. The Fields of Victory book fo
When you need some help with magic issues, you go to the Sorcerer Supreme. At least, you can now as the Doctor Strange Hero Pack is now available for Marvel Champions. Along with that, there's a pair
At Gen Con, companies will run special scenarios for their games. Fantasy Flight is certainly no different, and those that participated in their Legend of the Five Rings RPG events may have played The
Since, at the moment, we're not really supposed to be going out all that much, heading down to the LGS might not be the easiest thing to do. Well, if you're looking to get the latest books for the Leg
A new batch of releases are available over at Fantasy Flight. If you're a card-shuffler extraordinaire, you'll want to check it out. They've got the new Thor Hero Pack for Marvel Champions. There's th
The lives of those in Rokugan are heavily affected by the spirits. Both angels and demons will often interfere in the plans of man, and sometimes vice-versa. The Celestial Realms book for the Legend o
For those looking to get some more adventures in the land of Rokugan, or to keep your superhero cards from getting dirty, Fantasy Flight has some new releases for you. For the Legend of the Five Rings
Rokugan is not the only land in the Legend of the Five Rings world. Sure, it's the focus, but it's not everything. There are plenty of lands all around the edge. In Path of Waves, Fantasy Flight is ex
Most of the Legend of the Five Rings characters come from Rokugan, the land in which the game takes place. That makes sense. But Rokugan is not the only land in the world. Other places exist, and ther
Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new supplement for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG. it's called Path of Waves and it gives players more insight into the world of Rokugan. In this preview for the
As I said in the previous story, you gotta keep up with the changing rules for games. You want to make sure that you're playing correctly. And while an RPG's rules are <Barbarossa voice> more li
It's a 1-2 punch announcement from Fantasy Flight for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG. There's a new sourcebook called Path of Waves that will take players to the edge of Rokugan, where they will mee
Fantasy Flight is another company with a lot going on in terms of releases. They have several new kits for Star Wars: Legion, as well as the new Collapse of the Republic book for the Star Wars RPG. St
The world of Rokugan is filled with specialists. Those that have trained hard to hone their bodies into instruments to impose their Clan's will. In this preview of the upcoming Courts of Stone book fo
Oh deer, oh deer, oh deer. While Legend of the Five Rings has several major houses that you probably know about, there are numerous lesser houses that also exist in Rokugan. In this preview, we get a
Courtly life is just as important as the goings-on out in the battlefields of Rokugan. And both can be just as deadly. Having a layout of the terrain is important in both situations. In this preview f