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Legacy: Life Among the Ruins

I'm an "actually have the book in my hand" type of person. Sure, I use digital versions of books literally every work day but if given the choice for my own collection? I like the real deal. If you're
Digital books are fine. But, honestly, I very much prefer having an actual book in-hand when I game. For all the advantages of quick cross-references and being able to carry a library on your phone/ta
Modiphius is not sitting back and just waiting to get you some books for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins. They've got a quintet of new ones available in their webshop. If you've been wanting to expand yo
It seems that the world has come to an end again. Damnit, Todd! I told you to clean up your stuff. Now look what's happened! But it's not just us that needs to survive, it's our children, and our gran