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How will you be remembered? Friend? Foe? Hero? Villain? But more than you, how will your family be remembered? Will your name echo throughout all of history? You certainly hope so, as that's what you'
The newest packs for Star Wars: Destiny, called the Legacies expansion, is now available. These new cards and dice span the realm of Star Wars lore, from the Republic to the Rebellion and beyond. You
Battle Game Mat -3X Double Sided Battle Board
So, how about that Episode VIII, eh?... I've not seen it, actually. But a lot of my friends have (which means they can shut up about "OMG!! Don't spoil anything for me!!!")Well, I don't think that the
The red cards in Star Wars: Destiny represent those characters, abilities, and equipment that's all about warfare. They're the professional soldiers, vehicles, and weapons that are on the lines when i
The Force is something that sets the Star Wars universe apart from other sci-fi settings. Those that are strong in the Force can perform many great feats. They're some of the most iconic characters in
Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new set for Star Wars: Destiny, their card and dice game of sci-fi combat. This set adds in new mechanics such as a new die symbol and card type. There's also goin