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Lazy Squire Games

Lazy Squire Games may say that they're lazy, but they've been working hard on Lavon Rising, a new expansion for Wild Assent. They've made sure to update and tweak every aspect of the game as well as i
Stormsunder brings you into an exciting realm of action and adventure. Players must work together to complete quests, defeat monsters, get new gear, and generally be badasses. The game includes highly
Wild Assent is a board game that seems to have it all. PvP play? Check. Cooperative play? Check. Great miniatures? Check. Gladiator Battles? Check. Adventuring in the wilds for mythical creatures? Che
Let the games begin! The Silverstrem is a sprawling complex of arenas where gladiatorial combat takes place on a regular basis. People fight one-another as well as the huge beasts brought into the ci