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Laughing Monk Miniatures

Laughing Monk Miniatures (available only through Eureka Miniatures) has released their new Daughters of Set unit.Note: the PG-13 version is below. NSFW versions through the link.From the release:Just
Laughing Monk Miniatures is releasing a new set of Harem models based on an Egyptian style. There's regular and "adult" varieties. Regular version pictured below.From the update:Just thought to let yo
Laughing Monk Miniatures have posted a preview of their new sci-fi female conversion kit.From their announcement:Just letting you know that in around 2-3 weeks the new conversion kit will be released.
Laughing Monk Miniatures has released a 28mm sci-fi female conversion kit. From their announcement: Just wanted to let you know that I have recently released a Female Sci-fi conversion kit for use