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Last Sword Miniatures

We're halfway through the week. That's certainly good. I got what feels like no sleep last night, so I'm running in low gear today. Something that'll help is a little boost from some bite-sized gaming
Last Sword Miniatures is running a new Kickstarter campaign to get you some more elven figures for your 9th Age games. This time around, they're focusing on the more elites and highborn of the army, w
Dungeons & Dragons Dice Shaped Sculpted Ceramic Mug
Wednesday. ... This is always the day of the week that seems to take forever to go by for me. But, after it ends, there's the nice, downward slide into the weekend. I know I could use a pick-me-up in
We have made it to the weekend. Well, almost, anyway. Just gotta finish up today and we'll get there. It'll be fine. But to make sure we can get to the cool stuff of the weekend, we should stock up on
Hey kids. I see from my friends feed that quite a lot of you are headed to Chicago for Adepticon. I really wish I was going. I would be, but there's a bunch of proofing projects that are coming along,
It's Thursday and I'm at home. The Office Move continues, with much of the furniture making its way to the new building. But since the new place isn't quite ready yet, many of us are working from home