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Last Saga

Rocket Games has posted up some new stretch goals as part of their Last Saga Kickstarter campaign. Plus, they've posted new WIP renders for the Dragon battle armor.Dragon (WIP) next to a fusilierDrago
Rocket Games gives us an update on how things are coming along with their Last Saga Kickstarter campaign preparation.SourceFrom the update:Hello! This is an update of the progress of our game, Last Sa
Rocket Games is posting up concept art pieces for the guns they're working on for Last Saga.SourceFrom the preview:Weapon concepts gallery for human faction.
Rocket Games is showing off their new 3D printed Paramedic mini.SourceFrom the preview:First 3D printing for Last Saga.
Rocket Games has posted up some new artwork and 3D renders for their upcoming sci-fi game, Last Saga.SourceFrom the preview:Rocket Games is preparing to launch its first range of sci-fi miniatures, La