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Latest Releases Available From Zenit Miniatures

The end of the month is just a day away, but that doesn't mean it's too late to get your June releases out to the public. That's just what Zenit Miniatures has. If you're a fan of Kensei or their new sci-fi game, Last Saga, they've got new releases available for you, from individual models to army deals.

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Zenit Miniatures Releases Last Saga Sci-Fi Minis

Zenit Miniatures has a new sci-fi miniatures game out called Last Saga. The first two starter sets, as well as an expansion pack and a single blister are all available in their webshop. They've also got the rulebook up (beta version) that you can download and check out.
There's only one thing with all of it... it's in Spanish.

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Zenit Miniatures Acquires Rights For Last Saga

In yet another installment of "that game's over here now," Zenit Miniatures has acquired the commercial rights to Last Saga, the sci-fi miniatures game by Rocket Games. Rocket Games will continue with creative development of the miniatures range and of the game, but it's going to be available from Zenit Miniatures.

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TGN Sunday Edition: News Snippets

It's a cold, rainy Sunday here in Atlanta. Perfect weather to stay inside and do some gaming.

In today's News Snippets we've got a look at some greens from AntiMatter Games, an update from Rocket Games about Last Saga's model-making process, new survivors added to RN Estudio's Survivor Indiegogo, new Valksburg Grenadiers from Mad Robot Miniatures, and more!

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New preview render, rules, and army list for Last Saga

Rocket Games gives us quite a lot to look over with their latest releases. We've got some new model previews, some preliminary rules, as well as a new army list to check out.



From them to you:

Now available for download Last Saga rules beta version 0.2.1 and
the Sovereign Empire army list updated to version 0.2,1

Rules: click here

Sovereign Empire army list:

And new model for Guardians of Tanaor: Maestre.

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New preview renders for Last Saga from Rocket Games posted

Rocket Games posted up a trio of infantry 3D renders for Last Saga for you to enjoy looking at.


From the preview:

The three first models for the Guardians of Tanaor faction are already finished! These belong to the three Infantry units contained in the Guardians of Tanaor starter pack.

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Rocket Games posts Last Saga Dragon render

Rocket Games is showing off the first few renders of their Dragon armor suit for Last Saga.



From the post:

The Dragon model is finished! Some details changed a little from the WIP you saw, fundamentally constructive ones on its joints to give it more sensation of movement.

The miniature will be composed of 10 different parts: the head, torso, hips, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, the two winglets, and a set of rubble (this last part not 3D printed but molded with putty later). This will confer freedom at the moment of the mounting, permitting different positions.

In the future, we plan to release a tutorial of "How to t?r?a?i?n? mount your Dragon", to show the complete process.

Hope you like it!

Concept: Alexandr Pascenko
3D: Victor Hugo

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