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LaserCutCard does some amazing things with just pressed cardboard and they're showing off a couple photos of a new troop transport they're working on.SourceFrom the preview:Ratel finished!The kit will
LaserCutCard has a preview shot of a sci-fi building they're working on as part of a new terrain line.SourceFrom the preview:Building 2 detail testAgain, this is a very rough test, no attempt to make
Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set
LaserCutCard has a new, massive center-piece terrain feature available over in their webshop. It's usable in several configurations. It's the Cyborg Stasis Tomb.SourceFrom the release:The cyborg stati
LaserCutCard has a new Casspir armored vehicle kit available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:LaserCutCard has just released the second vehicle in their Bush War series. This is the Casspi
Graven Games put up a review of the Shipping Container Kit that's available from my good friends over at LaserCutCard.SourceFrom the review:Welcome to today’s review in which we are looking at the Shi
LaserCutCard gives you more options to enhance your tabletop with their newly updated Cyborg Monolith and plastic gem. Along with those, they've got Objective Markers in both Cyborg and Orc varieties.
LaserCutCard released their next artillery piece kit with their Quad Gun.From the release:LaserCutCard has released their second artillery piece. This time round is the quad gun. This is a multipart k
Graven Games posted up a review of the Hull Point and Wound Markers from LaserCutCard.From the review:Today we are taking a look at the Hull Point and Wound Markers available from Laser Cut Card, a co
LaserCutCard has another vehicle in their webshop available for pre-order. This one's the Buffel (and flatbed Muffel) mine-protected vehicle.From the announcement:LaserCutCard has just released their
LaserCutCar updates their Cyborg terrain line with the new Cyborg Sentinal piece.From the release:LaserCutCard has released a new addition to their Cyborg scenery range. This new model, the Sentinal,
LaserCutCard expands their repertoire with new basing kits. They're available now over in their webshop.From the release:LaserCutCard has updated its range of scenic bases for the forces of CHAOS. The
LaserCutCard modified their shipping container set in order to create two new styles, designed for the more entrepreneurial of your little mans.From the release:From the battlefields of the far future
LaserCutCard expands their terrain and weapon choices for your tabletop with the release of their Orc/Chaos Artillery Piece.From the release:LaserCutCard is proud to announce the release of two new ki
Well we're back with another TGN Review. Yes, it's been a while, but trust me, I've been busy (like everything with the awesome time everyone had at the CoolMiniOrNot Expo, but that's beside the point
LaserCutCard has a new Imperial Upgrade Kit available for their APC kit over on their website.From the announcement:LaserCutCard has released an “imperial” upgrade kit for the generic APC. The upgrade
LaserCutCard now has perspex flight stands available over in their webshop in 3 different varieties.From the release:LaserCutCard has just launched a range of Perspex flight stands. These are made fro
LaserCutCard has more going on than just terrain. They've got their new M113 APC now available over in their webshop.From the release:LaserCutCard has just released our first vehicle. This is a generi
LaserCutCard gives you more options for your gaming table terrain with the release of their new Art Deco Corner Ruins.From the release:Tired of skulls and spires? Gothic got your goat? Here are some a
LaserCutCard (whom we did a review of not too long ago) has some new Packing Crates available over in their webshop.From the release:LaserCutCard has just released a set of 28mm packing crates. This i
So recently LaserCutCard sent me some terrain packs so I could check them out and see how they stack up (pun... maybe intended). They arrived and I've had my chance to assemble the first of their kits
LasercutCard has a new Cyborg Value Pack available over in their webshop.They recently sent some packs in to us of their products here at the offices. Expect a full review a little later this week, bu
LaserCutCard has another piece of card terrain up on their website, the Cyborg Grand Obelisk.From the announcement:LaserCutCard has just released a new product in the "Cyborg" range - the Grand Obelis
LaserCutCard helps with logistics in your minis games with supplying shipping containers. So your little mans can ship items from battlefield to battlefield. Or they can fight around them. Either work