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Las Vegas Open

It's cold. And yeah, I know it's supposed to be close to 70 degrees in just a couple days, but right now it's cold. You know where it's not so cold right now? Las Vegas. And that's just compared to At
The Las Vegas Open was held last weekend in Poughkeepsie, New York... err... I mean, it was held in Las Vegas. Yes... anyway, that was this last weekend (didn't get to go, sadly). Well, several people
These days, it seems as though the "Convention Season" never really ends. That's not a bad thing, mind you. But sometimes I worry for guys like "The Legend" who ends up at seemingly 9/10 of them. :PTi
Las Vegas Open tickets are now available for sale online.From the announcement:Las Vegas Open tickets are now up for sale!What: 3 Day Tabletop Gaming ConventionWhere: Bally's Casino, Las Vegas, NV, US
Crystal Brush lets you know where you can go to become one of the finalists for the Crystal Brush competition next year.From the update:We at Crystal Brush are always so happy to know the world of min