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Krosmaster: Quest

A pretty big story from the past couple months was CoolMiniOrNot teaming up with Ankama to distribute Krosmaster Quest to English-speaking customers. Well, the time for that change over officially is
One of the bigger stories to come out last year in terms of games changing hands was CoolMiniOrNot taking over English-language distribution of Krosmaster Quest, teaming up with Ankama to do so. Well,
This is some pretty big news for you today. CMON Inc. has announced that they will be the new US Distributor for Ankama products in the US next year. What does this mean? It means there's going to be
Japanime Games lets us know how things are moving along with Krosmaster: Quest, letting us know about some of the details behind the delays, and how much longer until the game will be available.Source