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Krazy Ivan's RPG Emproium

We hope your week has gone by well. It's been a busy one over here. Lots of news and lots of work on the next issue of Ravage US. However, we have had time to collect our regular group of reviews for
Krazy Ivan sat down and had a chat with Nick Defossez, creator of Clockwork, the print and play strategy card game/role playing game. Go see what they had to talk about.SourceFrom the website:The Empo
Krazy Ivan gives us their thoughts of The Last Parsec in this article about the setting of this new sci-fi RPG.SourceFrom the article:When I first sat down to write this article I intended to gush abo
Krazy Ivan sat down with Matthew J. Hanson, creator of the Kronocalypse RPG setting and had a little chat. Go take a look at what they had to say.SourceFrom the post:The Emporium was delighted to have
Krazy Ivan has a little chat with the makers of the Void RPG that's up now on Kickstarter.SourceFrom the article:Jonathan Boydston & Joshua Robertson recently stopped by the Emporium and sat down with
Krazy Ivan takes a look at the Pound-O-Dice bag available from Chessex in this review article.SourceFrom the article:Chessex offers a ton (well…a pound actually) of factory second dice for about half
Krazy Ivan gives you their thoughts on Wiz Dice 100+ Mixed Polyhedral dice set in this review article.SourceFrom the review:Wiz Dice promises brand-new, factory-first dice in mint condition but doesn’
Krazy Ivan gives us a little peek into Nexus Universe, the sci-fi RPG they're working on.SourceFrom the preview:The Nexus Universe is my world building project for 2014. It is a science fiction settin
Krazy Ivan sat down with Jake Boone of Storyscape and figured you'd like to know what they talked about.SourceFrom the article:I recently had the good fortune to sit down with Jake Boone, founder of S
Krazy Ivan takes a look at Wreck Age from Hyachinth Games and gives you their thoughts on the subject.SourceFrom the review:Wreck Age is a hybrid RPG and table top war game set on a post apocalyptic v
Krazy Ivan takes a look at the Blood and Smoke: the Strix Chronicle book for World of Darkness in their latest review.SourceFrom the review:Blood and Smoke takes a giant step forward in moving the bes
Krazy Ivan has posted up a review of the Savage Worlds Horror Companion.SourceFrom the review:System: Savage WorldsProducer: Pinnacle EntertainmentPage Count: 144 pagesRetail: $14.99 (PDF), or $19.99