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Kort'thalis Publishing

Kort'thalis Publishing has released the 3rd part of the Cha'alt trilogy. It's Chartreuse Shadows and not only is it testing my ability to spell the word "chartreuse," it also brings you more options f
Kort'thalis Publishing has launched a Kicsktarter for Chartreuse Shadows (I swear, they picked that color just to mess with my typing abilities) for their Cha'alt Science-fantazy, gonzo RPG system. Th
While I often talk about loving the actual, physical book, I use digital books a lot more often these days. They're just so darn handy. And if you've been wanting a pdf version of the Cha'alt After Da
The 2021 convention season has been... truncated, to say the least. Hopefully, 2022 will see the actual, full return of shows and events. And Kort'thalis Publishing is making sure they get one in as w
You know when Venger Satanis is around, things are going to get a little strange. And that's what we have in Cha'alt, their eldritch, gonzo, science-fantasy, post-apocalyptic RPG. And for those ready
The Encounter Critical line of science-fiction RPG material is moving to a new owner. Venger Satanis of Kort'thalis Publishing has announced that they've acquired the game and it's various properties.
NFTs are all the rage now, with simple jpgs selling for what is an incredibly absurd amount of money. Well, the folks over at Kort'thalis Publishing are looking to join in on the fun, showing how thei
Venger Satanis is looking to expand his gonzo universe of Cha'alt with a new short RPG adventure set in the crazy land. It's called Six Hours to Save Cha'alt and it's up on Kickstarter now. Can your c
The folks over at Kort'thalis Publishing have been working hard to get you the hardcover version of their Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise (man... fuchsia just -never- looks like it's spelled correctly...) bo
Want to get into the gaming industry? Already in the industry and want more? Haven't given it much thought but maybe it could be cool? Well, then Kort'thalis Publishing has an offer for you. They're l
Edit as much as you'd like, you'll still find things later on. That's just how it goes. But the folks over at Kort'thalis Publishing aren't going to just let a book sit with some errors in it. They're
Never let it be said that Venger doesn't listen to the populace when it comes to improvements to his games. He's heard the critiques and has updated Crimson Dragon Slayer because of it. You can get th
Kort'thalis Publishing is giving you more of the gonzo world of Cha'alt that you want. With the release of The Fuchsia Malaise, you get more than a book with the hardest color to spell correctly. You
Cha'alt is getting a new expansion book. It's called Fuschia Malaise, and Kort'thalis Publishing is giving you a chance to win it. How? By simply playing Cha'alt during the month. Sounds pretty sweet,
Venger Satanis, the mind behind Kort'thalis Publishing, has many thoughts on what makes a D&D game awesome. He's collected them and put them all together in a single book, the Crimson Dragon Slaye
Venger Satanis over at Kort'thalis Publishing has a deep love of those nostalgic RPGs of the 80s. And he wants to share that love with you. To do so, he's created Old School Renaissance Like A (Censor
Venger Satanis. Head of Kort'thalis Publishing and writer of, among many other things, the Cha'alt megadungeon and setting. Also, a lover of mid-word apostrophes. What inspires him? Where does he draw
If there's one thing players want for their characters, it's options. With more options comes more ways to customize their character into exactly what they want to play. Well, the folks at Kort'thalis
Been thinking about maybe running the super-dungeon Cha'alt for your players, but weren't quite sure? What about checking out a playthrough video that Kort'thalis Publishing posted? Obviously, they do
The Cha'alt megadungeon is a little bit different in theme and flavor than most. So, your average, everyday character might not really fit in with it all so well. But don't be afraid. The folks over a
Want to really test your players? Give them a dungeon that's filled with terrible dangers? Really get them in a bind and make them think their way out? That's what you get in Cha'alt. It's a huge dung
All of us were new gamers once. And many of us still play with new gamers from time to time. And, let's face it, something like Dungeons & Dragons can be confusing for a new gamer. Thankfully, the
As I've mentioned many times, there's no such thing as too many options for a GM. Having extra scenarios, character types, charts, graphs, and tables can all make running the game a lot easier. That's
There's a lot of sci-fi RPGs that treat it all as "very serious business." They portray everything as dark and gritty, full of men with beards and slime-coated aliens ready to rip you in half.But what
Having a pre-made adventure can really make a GM's life that much easier. Even if you don't go through the scenario directly, they're usually a treasure trove of information about a new location, alon