Kolossal Games

Kolossal Games Running Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy Kickstarter

Even favorite games can use an upgrade every once in a while. Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy has been widely popular since its original release. But things weren't exactly perfect, and so Kolossal Games is looking to make it even better. They're running a Kickstarter for a new edition.

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Kolossal Games Running Western Legends Kickstarter

The west, after the Civil War here in the US, is pretty much the foundation and bedrock of what the identity of the US became. Real people lived out their lives, while larger-than-life stories were being told of them. But how much was fabrication and how much was actual? Well, in Western Legends, you get to decide, as you take on the role of a Western hero and must make a name for yourself among the cattle drives, gold prospectors, and dusty streets. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

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