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Kolaps Ground Zero is a new sci-fi miniatures skirmish game using 40mm miniatures that's back up on Indiegogo after regrouping an re-evaluating their product. Players fight in a post-apocalyptic Europ
Blockhaus82 is at about 33% funded for their Kolaps game on Indiegogo. To help it along more, they've posted up another 3D render for one of the minis for the game.From the update:Unstable and dangero
Blockhaus82 (which I believe is situated right next to Bauhaus. "Spirit's on toniiiiiiiiiight!") has launched their Indiegogo campaign in order to fund Kolaps Ground Zero.Note: Currently it's all in F
Figure Painter Magazine is holding a giveaway for the new blockhaus82 game, Kolaps.From the contest:A new French company, blockhaus82 are releasing a new post-apocalyptic horror game called "Kolaps: G