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Kobolds Ate My Baby

Steve Jackson Games has announced a tie-in set for Munchkin involving Kobolds Ate My Baby.



From the announcement:

All Hail King Torg!
A kobold has a harsh life. But at least there are babies to eat . . . until King Torg (All Hail King Torg!) swipes the plumpest and juiciest for his table. Good thing the humans keep making more of them . . .
Munchkin Kobolds Ate My Baby is based on the RPG of the same name by 9th Level Games and Dork Storm Press!

9th Level Games has added Plushie Kobolds to their Kobolds Ate My Baby Kickstarter campaign.
I gotta say... I kinda want one. It'd go well with my plush Richard from Looking For Group.

From the update:

So, some people have asked fro a special Kickstarter Exclusive. Others have asked for plush. How about both!

The amazing and rad Tally Heilke (of Tally's Treasury) will be producing HAND MADE Kobolds for those who can add 50$ (us) or $55 (intl). Check out her very cool plush work on her site!

To make these already special , one-of-a-kind Handmade dolls even more amazing, they will each come with their own..."Kobold Patch" My Kobold adoption form. This form will feature a name, stats, and in game Kobold plush rules - and will be PERSONALLY SIGNED, NUMBERED, and DOODLED ON by JOHN KOVALIC. (And look how CUTE THEY ARE!!!!)

9th Level Games made it up and over $35k on their Kobolds Ate My Baby Kickstarter project. If they can make it over $50k in the next 2 weeks, Steve Jackson Games will make a KAMB Munchkin set.

From the announcement:

Today, 9th Level Games is pleased to announce a new stretch goal for their first Kickstarter. If backers help the Kickstarter total reach the $50,000 mark, Steve Jackson Games will publish a Munchkin Kobolds Ate My Baby! booster pack! All Hail King Torg!
Chris O'Neill from 9th Level Games said, "Like all Kobolds, we secretly dream about the day when we will finally triumph over the Adventurers. We never thought that day would be in the Dungeons of MUNCHKIN! Unleashing Kovalic on the collision of the Kobolds with Munchkin-verse is going to be EPIC! I mean have you seen the Kobold with the Chainsaw yet?"
Once it’s confirmed that the fifteen card booster will go into production, Steve Jackson Games will design an exclusive Munchkin KAMB! bookmark. All Kickstarter backers who’ve opted to receive physical rewards will receive this bookmark as an added bonus!

The new booster pack, which would be compatible with any Munchkin core set, is tentatively scheduled for a 2014 release and will be co-developed by both companies. John Kovalic, who illustrates Kobolds Ate My Baby! and the popular card game Munchkin, will draw new kobolds for both the bookmark and booster

9th Level Games got their funding they needed for Koblods Ate My Baby. Now it's stretch goals for 26 days.

From the update:

Today, 9th Level Games and John Kovalic are pleased to announce that their first Kickstarter, for a new expanded, full color edition of the Kobolds Ate My Baby! RPG was funded within twenty-four hours. The project was released on March 4, 2013 and initial stretch goals have already been unlocked for the line. Fans are heavily engaged in the project and new titles, like an adventure written about the Kickstarter backers, are already in progress as a way of further connecting with them.

Chris O’Neill of 9th Level Games said, “We are blown away by the response from fans, the people love this game, and have missed it. We’re so excited

John Kovalic, illustrator of Kobolds Ate My Baby! and Munchkin, said, "Kobolds are nasty, brutish and short; the funding of Kobolds Ate My Baby turned out to be fantastic, brilliant and incredibly short. I eagerly await the huge amount of fun we'll be having on this. We want to give the fans something very special."
The new edition of the Kobolds Ate My Baby! RPG is scheduled to be a Fall/Winter 2013 release digital and print on demand formats from DriveThruRPG. Currently, 9th Level Games has an existing catalog of other titles and Kobolds supplements available now on DriveThruRPG. Pending the conclusion of the Kickstarter and delivery of the backer rewards, a publication schedule will be announced on the publisher’s website.

9th Level launched their Kickstarter in order to get funding for Kobolds Ate My Baby.
Gotta love John Kovalic's work.

From the campaign:

KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! The classic Beer and Pretzels RPG of merry mayhem and hysterical horrible death - bold and brash in magical COLOR!

9th Level Games is going to be starting up their Kickstarter for Kobolds Ate My Baby soon. In preparation, they've posted up this teaser video.

From the announcement:

March 4th is GM’s Day, and 9th Level Games has a surprise for all of the GM’s out there – KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! is back – the game where it’s not only okay, but welcomed, to throttle, smash, burn, and murder your players!

9th Level Games is excited to announce that after a long hiatus, KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! the cult classic Beer and Pretzels RPG will be back in print – and this time in glorious color. Kobolds Ate My Baby! hasn’t been available in print in over 5 years, and the guys at 9th Level -Chris O’Neill and Dan Landis (creators of KAMB!) and their long-time co-conspirator John Kovalic (of Dork Tower and Munchkin fame) are excited and energized to produce some new Kobold’s material.

9LG frontman Chris O’Neill says, “ALL HAIL KING TORG! Feels good to say that again. Let me say it again, ALL HAIL KING TORG! Our Kickstarter is going to be a wild ride, and I hope that we can make it unique and fun. If nothing else, getting a new version of Kobolds in people’s hands will be awesome enough, but who knows? If things go well 9th Level is ready to capitalize on that with a ton of new material.”

The game of random horrible deaths, cannon foddery high jinx, slightly evil wizardry, cows falling from the sky and blind loyalty to King Torg (All Hail King Torg!) is back, and starting March 4th – you can help by backing the Kickstarter and spreading the word. MARCH FORTH WITH KING TORG ON MARCH FOURTH! ALL HAIL KING TORG!