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Kobblestone Miniatures

The end is in sight, people! Just another day and a half and we'll be into "weekend territory" (which, to me at least, starts on Friday evening). We can do it. We've come too far to give up now. Just think of all the great gaming that can be had! And if you're gonna have great gaming, you should have great gaming tables. Good thing our Terrain Corner is here to help.

Today we have: Brigade Models Release 15mm SF Research Base, Roman Marching Fort from Kobblestone Miniatures Now Available, Manorhouse Workshop Update #15 – The Lich of the Abbey, Frosty Plain: Pwork Wargames fantasy gaming mat, Battlemap Layers near 60% of Funding Goal, Dungeon Worlds Part 2 Success! – Part 3 Coming Summer 2016, and Deep-Cut Studio releases new Grass theme gaming mat.

Kobblestone Miniatures switches gears with their terrain style and has come out with a new set of Modern buildings that they've got over in their webshop. Great for post-apocalyptic gaming of your favorite variety, be it zombies or aliens or whatever that've decided to cause all sorts of havoc on the world.


From the release: Discuss 2
Kobblestone Miniatures is having themselves a sale over on their website. Go get yourself some terrain for cheaper than usual.


From the announcement:

15% discount off all Celtic products
There are many items to choose from Huts, Roundhouse, Celtic Well, Firepit, Blacksmith, Barn or even the complete Celtic Fort.
The discount on the Forts ranges from $35 USD to $40 USD …. quite a savings!
Orders received by November 23 can be assured of delivery for Christmas (not International destinations).

Visit our site for details and pricing.

Kobblestone Miniatures posted up some new Mid East modern buildings that are now available over in their webshop.


From the release:

We are happy to announce that our Mid East - modern buildings have been released. This is the 3rd phase of our new Multi Playable building line. There are a total of 10 buildings including the Mosque. All buildings, except the Mosque are Multi Playable. Front and back facades are removable and exchangeable with each other. There are many balconies, inserts, open shop windows, and other areas where figures can be placed. Or just remove a facade and place the figures inside the building or on the large open roof top areas.

These buildings are perfect for any middle eastern setting. They are best suited for 25-28mm scale and come assembled ready to be painted. Price range $19.99 - $39.99 for the buildings and $69.99 for the Mosque. Future buildings for the Mid East series will include destroyed versions.

Kobblestone Miniatures gives you a chance to get some of their terrain pieces for cheaper than usual with their June sale on their Celtic line of products.

From the announcement:

June 1 - 15, 2013 - 15% discount off our entire Celtic line of products.

There are many items to choose from – Huts, Roundhouse, Celtic Well, Firepit, Blacksmith,Barn or even the complete Celtic Fort.
The discount on the complete Forts ranges from $35 USD to $40 USD …. quite a savings!
For further information and pricing, see our site

Kobblestone Miniatures is having themselves a sale over on their website.

From the sales sheet:

Now Until 30 April 2013 - 15% discount off items in our ACCESSORY Catalogues.

Discounted items include windows, doors, steps, roofs, wall panels, entrances, gates, fountains, wagons, wells, sidewalks, etc . . . just about everything that you need to complete a project.

We are inching closer to having our Middle Eastern building line ready for release. These buildings will also be Multi Playable, similar to our European Row Houses and WW2 Destroyed buildings. We are shooting for an early May release.

Kobblestone Miniatures has new terrain boards available with removable mortar holes, bunkers and trenches.

From the release:

We are pleased to introduce our cobblestone terrain boards. These are the first in a series of patterned boards that we will be producing. They are a great addition to any wargaming table or diorama and would fit well with Medieval, Fantasy, European, WW2 or even modern settings.

First in our series is 2 types of boards.

• 3/16" - resin finish over foamcore board
• 1/2" - resin finish over regular foam board
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Kobblestone Miniatures gives you some more options for entryways to your terrain buildings with these new entrances.

From the release:

These little entrances are great for someone creating their own buildings. You can build around them to speed up the process.
In some cases we have taken the original entrance and made a blown up version to match it.
They measure approximately 3 1/2" W x 3 1/2" H. They come unpainted and are best suited for 25-28mm.
Price range for all of our entrances from 6.99-8.99.

See our catalogue for further information and pricing.

Kobblestone is now selling their destroyed facade terrain pieces as singles so you can pick and choose exactly how you want your tabletop to look.

From the announcement:

Purchasing single Facades individually has several advantages

They are interchangeable with our Row House buildings - switch from intact models to blown up versions.
They stand on their own, therefore they can be used independently.
They are ideal for anyone wanting to create their own buildings.
A great way to try out this product at a lower shipping cost.

Purchase prices for Facades range from $6.99 - $8.99 each.

For a limited time we are offering a 3 pack of Facades at $19.97 .
The shipping cost for all 3 would be $8.50 to the U.S; $9.50 to the U.K.; $10.20 to Australia.
All funds quoted in U.S. dollars
All products are best suited for 25-28mm scale and come unpainted.
See our catalogue for further information and pricing.

Kobblestone Miniatures gives you a bit more variety with your buildings with these new additions to their terrain pieces.

From the release:

We have added side and end panels for both our European Row houses and our destroyed buildings. These panels can be used for the ends of buildings or to recess buildings back from one another to create corners.

We also have some new Accessory items in our catalogues. Additions include destroyed rubble entrances, sidewalks and staircases.

Kobblestone Miniatures gives your tabletop a touch of a Dickensian feel to it with their new Row Houses terrain pieces.

A bit more about them from the makers, themselves:

These buildings are the same as our regular European row house buildings, however they DO NOT have back facades or back sidewalks. They are meant for displays where the backside of the building is NOT viewed. Wargamers who want the backs of their buildings left open may also find these useful. These are also available in a two pack at a special price through July.

Kobblestone Miniatures has new destroyed row house terrain to make your table just look that much more awesome. Why play on a boring table?

From the copy:

We have added 6 new facades which are detailed with damaged store fronts, damaged steps, blown out windows, broken shutters and rubble. As with all of our Multi-Playable buildings, the fronts, backs and roofs are all removable. You can even place figures inside the shop windows. All parts are inter-changeable with our existing destroyed buildings as well as with our European Row houses. This makes a total of 4 buildings available in this category. We will be adding additional fronts, roofs and accessories to this line in the future. All products are 28mm scale and come unpainted.

Kobblestone Miniatures reveals phase 2 of their multi-piece buildings. Make your table look better!

From the little urban renovators themselves:
This is phase two of our new Multi Playable building line. These buildings are interchangeable with themselves as well as with our original European row houses. Mixing and matching the destroyed versions with the original ones shows the progression that a town would go through from the start of a battle through to the finish.

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Kobblestone Miniatures releases new terrain, 25-28mm European Row Houses:

From their website:

These buildings are the first of our new modular type designs and are extremely player friendly. They offer total accessibility with removable facades (front and back) as well as removable roofs. All parts are interchangeable from one building to another so that a whole town or city block can be redesigned to create a variety of different looks. Suitable for 25-28mm scale.

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing phase two which will be the destroyed versions - also interchangeable.

Visit our website for further details and prices.

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