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It's not just any Thursday. It's also the anniversary of my first post on TGN. 6 years ago, I told you about the new plastic Warp Wolf kit coming from Privateer Press. That was 26,284 posts ago. Oh, h
I've almost run out of Thanksgiving leftovers. I still have some turkey and some sweet potato casserole, along with just a touch of one pumpkin pie left. BTW: the sweet potatoes still being around are
Yeehaw, pardner! Mount up, men! We'll head 'em off at the pass! Come on out with your six-guns a-shootin' and a-blazin'! Unhand that rancher's daughter! Tear up that mortgage! Cattle... lariats? ... A
We all know my love of "try before you buy." Being an informed consumer is very important in this day and age. I also think it shows a company feels they've got a quality product. "Look, we'll let you
Knuckleduster has been working on Gunfighter's Ball for a while now, and they're just about ready to unleash it upon the crowdfunding world. The game takes place in the Wild West and gives players rul
The first time I was typing out that headline, I started typing, "Knew." Caught myself just at the last minute.Anyway, there's some new releases over on the Knuckleduster Miniatures website. They've g
Mount up, men! We'll head 'em off at the pass!Sure, it's cliche, but it makes more sense than, "Anybody got any dimes!?" in context.But whatever line you want to use, it puts me in the mood for some o
The week rolls along (and I've got Ace of Spades playing), so you know I'm working at a pretty fevered tempo. If I'm going to keep up this pace as I work on TGN stuff and then get busy with some work
And we're already to Wednesday. It helps the week go along when you're off on Monday.It's also my friend Gilbert's birthday!Yo.Gilbert.You old, dude.Anyway, along with cake and ice cream, we should fi
Ah, Sunday.For me, at least, the relaxing day of the week. Sure, there's chores to do like laundry and cooking for the week, but overall, it's a day to just relax a bit. Also, I'm told there's some ma
Saddle up your horse and get ready to ride. Head into town with your six-guns a-blazin' in Desperado. The game, originally released in 1992, is getting a new lease on life via Knuckleduster Miniatures
Knuckleduster has some more Western-inspired terrain with the release of their new Livery Stable terrain piece.From them to you:Knuckleduster Miniatures has just released a Livery Stable, the latest i
Knuckleduster Miniatures has released some new War of 1812 packs over on their website.From the announcement:Back again with more new stuff!This time I've got two new 1812 packs, and one addition to a
Knuckleduster released a new Small Store with Stepped Front that'd be perfect to use in that Wild West Exodus game we showed a preview for a half-hour ago.From the release:This version of the small st
Knuckleduster has a new weapons crew available on their website: Barney's Flotillamen Naval Gun Crew.From the website:This set is meant to represent Joshua Barney's flotillamen, some of whom famously
Knuckleduster Miniatures have released new Old West and 1812 models. From their announcement:Knuckleduster Miniatures has begun releasing mounted versions of its 28mm Old West figures, and has added s
Knuckleduster is having their Annual Sale. From their announcement: Knuckleduster Miniatures is having its annual Labor Day sale; 20% off all orders of $100 or more from now till September 5th. Also,
Knuckleduster have released two sets of 28mm War of 1812 US artillery crews. From their website: Your plaintive cries have been heard; the US artillery crews are finished. I've just posted them for
Knuckleduster have added several new packs of figures in their 28mm War of 1812 range. From their website: More releases this morning. I've created three new sets to expand the selection of officers
Knuckleduster have posted an update on the status of several new 28mm miniatures they will soon be releasing. From their announcement: The shopping cart maintenance is finished and we're back in busi