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Knights Of Legend

Kabuki Models has a new model up on their Facebook page for their next Knights of Legend model. It's pretty awesome-looking.From the preview:STEAM KNIGHTcharacter design - Aurelio Lecissculptor - tbdr
Kabuki Models have released the Gothic Knight model from their Knights Of Legend sci-fi range. From their announcement: With some delay we are happy to announce that Gothic Knight, the latest release
Kabuki Models have posted photos of a painted example of the Preacher Knight model from their Knights Of Legend sic-fi range. From their announcement: Another stunning boxart from Sang-Eon Lee, this
Kabuki Models have posted a preview of the Gothic Knight figure from their Knights Of Legend range. From their announcement: Finally the new Knight Of Legend is (almost) finished, our sculptor is g
Kabuki Models is offering a Knights Of Legend mega-deal. From their announcement: Haven't found a nice surprise in your Easter egg? Don't worry and take comfort with our offer "Knights Of Legend pack