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KnA Games

As we tend to do after Friday, we are now deposited here on Saturday. That means all day getting the chance to do some gaming. It also means we have our Review Roundup.So without further ado...This we
KnA Games made it up and over their funding goal for Space Movers, their new board game, with still 9 days to go. So let's move on (see what I did there?) to some stretch goals.SourceFrom the campaign
KnA Games has relaunched their Kickstarter campaign for Space Movers, their sci-fi board game.SourceFrom the campaign:Are you ready to go on an adventure?Space Movers is a cooperative science fiction
Club Fantasci likes to move it, move it. And as such, they've posted up a preview of Space Movers 2201 by KnA Games.SourceFrom the post:Space Movers 2201 is a cooperative sci-fi adventure set in the y