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Kings of War

It's finally getting colder outside here in Atlanta. I don't need my AC running constantly. Granted, give it a bit and it'll be very cold and I'll have the heater going, since homes in Atlanta don't use insulation. But while I'm shivering around the computer, I can at least look at some cool figures (no pun intended) as Mantic is taking orders for new Northern Alliance figures for Kings of War.

Many of you are Kings of War fans out there. You have your armies. You send them out on grand crusades for your side. You take time and care assembling and painting them. But maybe you want to get even more down in there with your forces. Well, you can do that with the Kings of War RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

The undead are making their way to tabletops in Kings of War: Vanguard. Mantic has started taking orders for new figures over on their website. There's a mega-bundle, along with some support and trooper packs. Along with all that, there's the Ice & Iron book, including updated cards (or, if you just want the cards, you can order those, too).

When there's a new RPG out there on the block, you might be hesitant to rush in and get a full book for it, not knowing what the system is like. But many companies put out a Quickstart guide for you to look over. Red Scar Publishing has done just that for their Kings of War RPG, based on the world from the Mantic miniatures game. And it's free. So, why not go check it out?

Kings of War, the fantasy army combat game from Mantic, is getting a new edition soon (October, to be a little more specific). Making its way to 3rd edition, they look to make it the best fantasy minis game it can be, and have been going over the rules relentlessly in order to achieve that goal. They've also started giving us some previews, including a look at the rulebook as well as the upcoming Shadows in the North 2-player starter. Let's check 'em out.

You've played the miniatures game. Soon, you'll be able to create your own character and dive headlong into the realm of Mantic's Kings of War miniatures game, as Red Scar Publishing has announced that they've partnered with Mantic to create an RPG of the popular minis game. The Kings of War RPG will come to Kickstarter next month.

If you're a Kings of War: Vanguard player and you've been itching for some new miniatures and even a new faction to try out, you're in luck. The tides are rising and the sea's coming in. The Trident Realms are making their way to the game. You can pick up your model kits now, including some online exclusive army bundles from Mantic directly.

Getting an army all at once saves a lot of time and effort. You make a single purchase and boom, you're ready to go (after the glue dries, of course). That's the offer that Mantic is giving you right now, with a pair of Basilean army bundles for Kings of War. Get a whole army in a single go.

Mantic is looking to get back to nature, and they're wanting you to come along. They've released their Kings of War: Vanguard Forces of Nature Warband Set, which has everything you need to get natural on the tabletop. If you act now, you can even end up with a free Salamander Veteran miniature. Who doesn't like getting free extra stuff?

Are you afraid of the dark? Do you worry about whatever went bump in the night? If you're living in the Kings of War universe, you should be. These creatures of terror are massing and heading onto the field of battle as the Nightstalkers. Mantic is taking pre-orders for this new faction now.

A whole new faction is making their way onto tabletops in Kings of War: Vanguard. The dwarves have been roused from their mountain strongholds and are setting on the path to conflict. In this article from Mantic Games, you can check out not only the new figures, but take a look at some new Mercenary models that could be joining them, or you, for the right price.

Something big is happening over in Mantic's Kings of War: Vanguard. Well... it's big, but it's also small. Dwarves are making their way into the game. We get a look at how this new faction works, along with a look at several of the figures in this preview over on Mantic's page.

As I've stated many times, I'm a fan of companies posting the rules for their games up online for free. There's a lot of trust there, that you're going to see the rules, love the game, and then go out and buy it as well as the minis. Mantic has trust in their Kings of War: Vanguard game, and is proving it by putting the rules for it up online for free. You can get your copy now.

The Kings of War world is getting a new addition. Vanguard, the skirmish variant of the game, is now available for pre-order. Mantic's posted up a blog talking about this new version of the game, as well as some further details about using your Kings of War figures in it, and some info about what's needed to play. Take a look for yourself.

There's some big news coming from Mantic... quite literally. They're releasing a new giant for Kings of War, and it's certainly that on the tabletop. Just check it out. Pre-orders are coming next week, which will begin an entire month of Kings of War news and updates.

Big models are my favorite type of models. And Kings of War is getting a quartet of new huge minis players can add to their forces. Mantic is taking orders for these figures. And if you want to make a whole army around these centerpieces (being in the center, as they often are), they've got some bundle deals for doing just that as well.
Big miniatures are my favorites. Sure, I have a fondness for Gretchin and Skinks and such. But the really huge figures are my real favorites. And Kings of War: Vanguard has some huge minis coming with it. Mantic is showing off renders of the giants that you can get as part of the Late Pledge campaign for the game. These figures clock in at 180mm tall, with plenty of alternate parts to customize your kit and create different types of giant.
When a company puts out a game, they obviously want it to be as perfect as possible. But even with a couple dedicated playtest groups, things can be missed. That's where a public beta can help. And that's just what Mantic's got going on for Kings of War: Vanguard. Most of the rules are done and ready. It's just the details that could use some work still.
There was kind of an explosion of Kickstarters here in the past several weeks. With all the campaigns going on, its easy for one to have slipped by your notice, to you just didn't have the funds for one because you wanted to back another. It happens. Thankfully, there's the late-pledge time for many campaigns. If you're wanting to get in on Mantic's Kings of War: Vanguard, now's your chance, even though the Kickstarter's over. They are taking late pledges now through the month of February.
It's important to have a game that's balanced. No gamer likes looking across the field and thinking, "well, that's a cheesy force." People want to play the figs they want to play and have a chance at winning. Well, when problems are found, the company behind those games should make sure they fix things. That's what Mantic's got with their Clash of Kings supplement for Kings of War. It rebalances various units to make them even across the board. It also has brand new formations for all the Kings of War factions, plus several new Living Legends. This book's got it all, and you can get your copy now.
It's getting cold out. Some people are more used to cold than others. Those that live in the cold, northern part of Mantica are certainly used to it. But they are heading south, looking to get some feeling back into their fingers. As such, the Northern Alliance is making its way into the Kings of War: Vanguard Kickstarter campaign.
It's here, folks. Mantic has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new skirmish game, Vanguard. If you're a fan of their Kings of War game, but kinda want something with a smaller model count, this is just the game for you. The two systems are actually fully compatible. So feel free to mix-and-match between the two.
The Kickstarter campaign for Mantic's fantasy skirmish game, Kings of War: Vanguard, starts tomorrow. But if you know me, you know that I like to know what I'm buying before I put my money down for it. The folks over at Mantic feel that you should also know what you're getting into before you put your money down. And so, they've posted up the Alpha rules for the game online. You can download them now, read them over, and if the game is for you, pledge tomorrow to get yourself a set.
Mantic is headed to the skirmish realm with their fantasy range with Kings of War: Vanguard. For when you don't want to push whole trays of infantry around, but would instead like to focus on smaller conflicts, it's just the game for you. Mantic's posted up some previews you can check out, and be sure to be on the lookout for the Kickstarter campaign to launch in just under a week.
I've always loved oversized miniatures. You know, the ones that their base is the size of a CD or a notepad. For you Kings of War players, Mantic has a couple new huge minis that they're taking orders for. You've got the Revenant King on Undead Wyrm and the Steel Behemoth. They're certain to make an impact on the battlefield... possibly literally.