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Kings of War

Do you really still consider it layers if it's just different bits on a sprue? Maybe. Anyway, Mantic has new Ogres coming to Kings of War and we get a look at some of them as well as the aforementione
We've been seeing a lot about Ambush, the new, smaller-sized game mode for Kings of War that'll be in the game's new edition book. Well, we're headed the other direction this time with a look at Legen
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Want to know even more about the upcoming Kings of War edition change? Want to hear it right from the CEO of Mantic? Well, you can as Ronnie's posted up a video answering your questions.
Ambush is the upcoming, smaller-army-sized version of Kings of War coming in the new edition. We get a look at how army building in this new variant will work in this preview from Mantic.
The new edition of Kings of War has a new format with it as well. It's Ambush and you can get a look at this smaller-size game mode in this preview from Mantic Games.
Kings of War's newest edition is up for pre-order over on the Mantic website. But there's more than just the new book. There's new model kits as well, including <weewoo weewoo weewoo> Giant Drag
Kings of War is getting an updated version soon. But what were the thoughts behind those that designed this new edition? We get some insight into that with an interview with Matt James, chairperson of
Instead of doing an incremental update, Mantic's looking to create the definitive version of Kings of War. We get a look inside of this new edition and all that it entails in this preview.
Ronnie, the head of Mantic, gives us a brief look back at the first half of the year for Mantic and also a little look forward at what we can expect from them for the rest of the year, plus some Gen C
The next wave of Empire of Dust figures for Kings of War have been added to the Mantic webshop. You can head over and put your name on the list to get these kits as soon as they're released. There's s
There's a heatwave going on in Britain right now. That means that resin isn't quite setting the way it should over in Mantic's warehouse. As such, the initial wave of Empire of Dust figures is a littl
The Empire of Dust has new Army and Mega Army kits coming soon for Kings of War. In this article, we get a look at some of the units that should be picked up by anyone looking to lead these skeletons
The Empire of Dust is making its way to your tabletops soon in Kings of War. And no, I don't mean that you need to wipe the thing off after not being used for so long. Get a look at a brief background
Mantic's got some new pre-releases available for you over in their webshop. If you're looking to expand your Salamanders army in Kings of War or Plague army in Deadzone, you're in luck. Head on over a
What a mini is made of can make a huge difference in model quality, looks, detail, and just whether or not you need a crane to move your AT from the car to the gaming table in the LGS. Mantic is switc
The Riftforged Orcs are getting some reinforcements in Kings of War from Mantic Games. These lightning lovers have some new kits that you can pre-order now over in the Mantic webshop. Hmm, it's suppos
The Stormforged Orcs from Kings of War are getting some hefty reinforcements this week. Head on over to the Mantic shop to really bulk up your forces.
Mantic is marching through all of their games, giving us a look at what things are in store for this new year. This time around, it's Kings of War's turn in the spotlight. Head through and see what Ma
The Riftforged Orcs, the latest army to hit fields in Kings of War, are getting some reinforcements. Some pretty big reinforcements, as you can see from the featured image. That's just one of the new
This is the biggest little update from Mantic. The Halfling army, new to Kings of War, is getting some reinforcements next week. You can get your name down on the list for these 5 new kits now over in
Mantic's released the 2022 edition of Clash of Kings for Kings of War. Yeah, 2022 is still a month and a half away, but why wait? It's got updated rules as well as two new army lists for you. You can
A new faction is hitting tabletops soon. They're the Riftforged Orcs and Mantic is giving them a bit of an introduction and background check in this new article.
I mean, I just mentioned that 2022 is around the corner. Mantic's prepped for it as well. They've started taking pre-orders for Clash of Kings 2022 Edition, the update supplement for Kings of War.
Want to get out there and play some games of Kings of War that might actually change the path of the game's narrative, itself? You'll have a chance during the Kings of War Global Campaign that's comin
Mantic likes to make sure you know what you're getting when you get it and that you have the resources to check out all the armies in their range. To that end, they've updated their free Vanguard pdf