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Kingdom, from Black Locust Games, has made it over their funding goal with a week left in their Kingdom Kickstarter campaign. They've posted up some possible game variants in how you play if you want
Board to Death has a new video preview up. This one's Kingdom form Black Locust Games.SourceFrom the post:Play out the ultimate battle of good vs evil in this tactical board game featuring the Arch an
Black Locust Games is showing off the stretch goals for Kingdom over in their Kickstarter campaign. They're getting ever-closer to their goal with still 3 weeks to go.SourceFrom the update:We are exci
Black Locust Games upgraded their Kingdom set with a new foam tray insert as opposed to just the standard box over on their Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the update:Aaron and I are happy to announce
The Cardboard Jungle has posted up their review of Kingdom, the new tactical card game from Black Locust Games.SourceFrom the review:Two factions rival one another, each fighting for a purpose, ready
Bower's Corner Reviews posted up a video review of Kingdom from Black Locust Games.SourceFrom the review:I Review Kingdom from Black Locust Games currently on Kickstarter
Black Locust Games is a brand new game company out there. Their first venture into the arena is a tactical card game called Kingdom. In the game, angels battle for supremacy of heaven and hell and Ear
Black Locust Games launched their Kickstarter campaign for Kingdom, their new tactical card game.Stay tuned, as the last update for the day will be my review of this new game.SourceFrom the campaign:K