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King of Tokyo

These are strange times. Most of us should stay home and just play some games. Well, if you're a fan of King of Tokyo and have been wanting to get the new Dark Edition that's coming out, there's some rare good news for you. IELLO has decided to release the game early, for those places that have it. So, you can get your copy now.

King of Tokyo: Dark Edition is a new take on the classic monster-fighting board game. It's a deluxe edition that takes place in a dark and twisted world. iello's showing off the next beast that will be rampaging around the city. Have yourselves a look.

In a dark and twisted reality, monsters are attacking Tokyo... Which is pretty much like it is in the real world, too, but such is life in King of Tokyo: Dark Edition, a new deluxe version of the game coming soon from iello. They've posted up the first preview monster from this version: Gigazaur.

Just because Halloween is over doesn't mean that all the treats are gone. Iello is looking to add to your goodie bag with a copy of the Anubis Monster Pack for King of Tokyo/King of New York. Head over and put your name in the hat and you could get yourself a new puppy for your game.

You've got 5 days left to enter.

Hard to believe, but King of Tokyo has been out for 7 years now. For a game, that's pretty old. Iello is looking to celebrate by adding a new monster to the game. But what monster to add? They've decided that they want to leave that up to you. Yes, you can design the next monster!
You've probably seen videos of Christmas trees falling over (sometimes with the assistance of family pets) and causing damage. They're cute and often hilarious. What's not so funny, though, is when a massive Christmas tree starts stomping around downtown, wrecking entire city blocks at a time. That is, unless, you're the one controlling said Christmas tree. And if you'd like to get your own for King of Tokyo or King of New York, there's two ways to do so from iello Games.
I wish we were going to Candy Apple Island.
"What've they got there?"
Apes, but they're not as big.
Well, the big ape, King Kong isn't on Skull Island anymore. He's not even in New York anymore. This iconic ape is going to be stomping his way into Tokyo to take on the other giant monsters in King of Tokyo starting next week.
You've probably heard of the giant panda. But you've probably not heard of the colossal panda. Well, there's one currently attacking Tokyo. If that weren't enough, there's roving bands of ninjas that are attacking each-other in a silent, sneaky war. That the story behind the two new release from iello. They're the Power Up! expansion for King of Tokyo and Ninja Taisen.
iello has a couple of new releases available for you today. They've got King of Tokyo as well as Monster Chase.
"But they've been out for years!" I hear you say.
And I say, "Yes. It has. But remember, this is the year of new editions."
iello has been making King of Tokyo for five years now. I know, right? Has it really been that long? It would seem so. Well, iello has decided that the game could use a bit of a facelift, so they're coming out with a new version with an updated look.
I hope you're making it through the week just fine.
Mine's hit a bit of a bumpy road, as I'm typing this from the mechanic's. Thankfully, they have free wifi. Seems Bitey, my car, isn't feeling so good and so he's getting a checkup.
So yeah, hopefully your week is going better than mine. But what's keeping me going is some gaming news, such as the bite-sized stories we've got for you now.

In this batch we have: New s-300 missile available for BallisticAces from BattleGateGames, Klukva Miniatures Releases Two New Busts, Purgatory's Second Model WIP Posted, Baueda new 15mm Gallic Cavalry On Indiegogo, PMD Games is launching their first Kickstarter on October 5th, Microshoggoth slimes into Tooth & Sword, and Draccus promo available for purchase from iello.

The inspiration to add a figure or character to a game comes from all over. Game designers may see a movie they like or read a book they think has a cool character that could go well with their game. Such a thing happened when the folks at Iello read The Name of the Wind by author Patrick Rothfuss. They knew the monster from the book, The Draccus, would be a great addition to King of Tokyo and King of New York. It didn't hurt that apparently Patrick was a fan of the game.