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Kids on Bikes

I never joined the Boy Scouts. But my sister was a Girl Scout, my mom even being a Den Mother. So, I ended up going to a lot of those events. I can't say I remember how to tie any kind of special knots or anything like that. So, if the apocalypse came around, I wouldn't be prepared as the Junior Braves. If you've been a fan of the graphic novels, or if you just enjoy RPGs, you should check out the Junior Braves of the Apocalypse RPG that's coming out soon from Renegade Game Studios.

There's strange goings-on all around the town. The grown-ups don't seem interested or simply don't care, or maybe they're unable to see it? It's hard to say, but there's only one way things are going to get solved, and that's us crazy kids (and maybe a puppy). If you're looking for more adventures to go on in Kids on Bikes, you're in luck. Strange Adventures! Volume Two is now available from Renegade Game Studios.

Players love the Kids on Bikes RPG from Renegade Game Studios. Head around town solving problems that the adults don't seem intent on fixing (or might even deny are there to begin with). If you're looking for even more, you're in luck. This October, a new volume of Strange Adventures! is coming out. Included, along with more mysteries, players will be able to give their bike different stats as well, because we all know kids love to trick out their rides.

There's weird things happening in the town, and only a plucky group of kids and their two-wheeled transportaion can solve the mystery. Kids on Bikes: Strange Adventures is a new book of, well, adventures for you to send your players on. What sort of spooky shenanigans will they get into?

And yes, like before, the image says Coming Soon. But today's the release date.

Wanna ride bikes!?!?

It's the punchline to probably my favorite knock-knock joke, but it's also what you'll ask one-another in Kids on Bikes, the horror RPG from Renegade Game Studios all about groups of kids going around town and solving supernatural mysteries. The game's gotten quite a rave following, and now it's getting a new expansion. Strange Adventures is more than just a set of adventure hooks, it's also a guide on storytelling in the KWB universe. You can pre-order your copy now.