Keymaster Games

Keymaster Games Announces New Edition of Control

We've got another addition to the Year of New Editions. In this case, Keymaster Games has announced they're coming out with a 2nd edition of Control, their time-travelling card game. This new version will be more portable than the previous, as well as have updated rules. Pre-orders will take place along with their Campy Creatures Expansion I Kickstarter Backerkit.

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Campy Creatures Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Who doesn't love a good B Horror movie? Swamp monsters. Giant apes. Aliens and their bubble-dome helmets. Vampires. All of them out to find the next hapless victim. Most games have you fighting against such monsters. But Campy Creatures puts you in control of one and sends you out trying to get your own collection of humans. The game's up on Kickstarter now.

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