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CMON Expo continues to grow. They've added another trio of events for this upcoming year. (I know, because I put them there)First off is a fan favorite, Frankenfest. Modelers work all weekend making w
Gaming Trend takes a look at the sports board game Kaosball, from CoolMiniOrNot, and gives you their thoughts on the situation in this review.SourceFrom the post:Bringing sports to board games has bee
Kaosball posted up their League rules for their game up on their website. Man, I need to get into a league around here.SourceFrom the announcement:GREAT NEWS! The Kaosball League Rules are available f
Miami Dice has posted episode 140 of their vidcast up online for your watching pleasure.SourceIn this episode:Tom Vasel and Sam Healey take a look at this futuristic sports combat game by Eric Lang an
Kaosball is in their final 24 hours over on Kickstarter. If you've been waiting until the last minute, that time has pretty much come.From the campaign:Wow, it looks like Rumblefist will be rumbling y
Kaosball has passed the $200k mark on Kickstarter and therefore unlocked the Kutulu ringer for the game. They're showing off the next upcoming ringer, Gojira, as well as some new teams.From the update
Kaosball has made it over $150k and has unlocked the Zombie team for free for all backers. They've also added more stretch goal previews, as well as greens as well as a new add-on for just the field a
Kaosball now has their own, official website. They've posted up team cards for most of the teams known so far, as well as most of the ringer models as well.From the launch:“All right, listen up. Peopl
Kaosball is showing off three more stretch goals over on Kickstarter, including Ringers for Gabe, Tycho and Kutulu.From the update:The team over at Penny Arcade were cool enough to let Gabe and Tycho
Kaosball passed $110k and has unlocked Spectre for every game.They've also started a contest over on the announcement:Spectre now unlocked in all games! Get your ghost on!Also,
Kaosball has made it up and over $100k over on Kickstarter. That means everyone gets T-Bone added to their sets. They've also showed off the $150k stretch goal: Zombies.From the update:4 days in at we
Kaosball has a new extended game play video posted up. Want to know what a game looks like in-progress? Here's where you can check it out.From the update:Here's a great video we put together to illust
Kaosball made it over their funding goal in their first hour and the total continues to rise. To make sure it does for the next 17 of the days, they've posted up some of the next stretch goals.From th
Kaosball has their Kickstarter campaign up and running. Get in on the full-contact action!From the campaign:Fast paced fantasy sports game of total domination with 60+ great miniatures! From legendary
Kaosball is full of rather esoteric teams. Here's the card for the Wortshire Goblins.From the preview:From the slums of Worstshire, The Goblins bring their punk rock attitude to the field of Kaosball!
Kaosball has some rather interesting teams in the game. Here's a preview of the team stat card for the Mt. Cloberton Ogres.From the preview:The Mt. Clobberton Ogres are a team focused purely on being
Spaghetti Western Games gives us a look at one of the team stat cards for Kaos Ball with a preview of the Amazons.From the preview:Amazons are one of the four teams in the Kaosball core game. They are
CoolMiniOrNot along with game designer Eric Lang have announced Kaos Ball! So grab your helmet and shin pads. It's time to get brutal.The announcement (there's a couple pages worth): CoolMiniOrNot has