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While 2016 was the Year of New Editions, that doesn't mean we won't be getting new editions of games here in 2017. Starting out, you can now pre-order Legends of Kalidasia: Heroes of the Heragul, which is the 2nd edition of the game. If you're interested in some sci-fi starship action, you might just want to check it out.
Taking a break from the RPG Kickstarters for a minute.
Is the week going by quickly for anyone else? On my ride in to work today, I looked down at my dashboard and saw my odometer and, for a moment, went, "why is that so high? It's only Tues... oh... wait... it's Wednesday. Ok, that makes sense."
But seeing as it is Wednesday and all, we should have ourselves a Midweek Snippets.
Man, this is also the first Wednesday in a couple weeks where I don't have tomorrow off. Makes me a little sad, but I'll get through it, somehow.

Anyway, today's batch of bite-sized stories includes: Skirmisher Publishing Releases 100 Oddities for a Wizard's Tower, New Year's Sale Happening Over at Advanced Deployment, Pulposaurus Entertainment Updates About the future of Conan: Rise of Monsters, New Praetorian Helmeted Heads From Puppets War, Chemical Spill: the Chemistry Card game: two weeks left on Kickstarter, Massive Awesome Announces Launch Date For Shattered Earth Kickstarter, Purgatory Posts New Previews, New Year's Sale From Dark Art Miniatures, Iron Cross Miniatures Posts New Fireteam Release, New Dwarf King from Scibor, Too Fat Lardies Christmas Special, BattleGateGames Releases New Bust, New Battlefields XP Tufts From The Army Painter, ArmiesArmy 15mm Cold War Kickstarter is Live, New Paint Storage Systems from Burn In Designs, New Lower Pricing on Legends of Kalidasia Starter Sets, New Releases Available From Hinterland Miniatures, "Shieldwolf vs Orcs" launches on Kickstarter Tuesday 12th January, and Chicago Shootout reaches 50% funded on Kickstarter.

The weekend is once more almost upon us. We stand at the precipice of two whole days of not-work (well, I'll still be making updates, but that's alright). I've got a big model-building project for the weekend that recently showed up. I'm really excited for it. All The Bitz!... Which reminds me, I'm gonna need to pick up more glue...

Anyway, before we get there, we need to chew our way through some bite-sized stories.

Today's batch includes: The Surakari Invasion $2.99 Sale, New Renders for Wild West Exodus Posted, New Antares Battle Supplies Available From Warlord Games, New Santa Dwarf from Kabuki Models, and Blackout Kickstarter makes subtle but important changes to goals.

We've once again come to Tuesday. With any luck, your Monday wasn't so bad. I made s'mores last night. So my day was just fine (I found myself with extra graham crackers after making cheesecake last week. So... s'mores). I'm hoping yours was just fine as well. As for today, we've got our Podcast Roundup. So if you want to hear people talk about the games you love, this is just the place for you.

Today's group includes: Game Classy 98: “Models of Various Condition”, All Us Geeks Episode 62: Two Geeks Trying To Survive in the Chaosmos, Epic Game Night Podcast Ep 22: CCGs & LCGs, and Beyond Kalidasia Season 3 Episode 9 - Production.

Did Monday just blow by for anyone else? I swear that every time I looked at the clock it'd jumped by an hour. This is not a complaint, mind you, particularly for a Monday. I'm just saying that I'm sitting here in my Tuesday shirt going, "Whoah, it's Tuesday already?"

Seeing as it is Tuesday, it's time for another Podcast Roundup.

In this installment we have: Privateer Press Primecast Episode 22, Plaid Hat Games Podcast Episode 185: Design-O-Rama, Beyond Kalidasia Season 3 Episode 7 - Change of Plans, All Us Geeks Episode 60 Dead Men Tell No Tales, Gamers Lounge Ep 113 – Masons, Engineers, and Hadross, Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 16 Development With Josh Lobkowicz, and Geeks of the North Episode 19 – Gaming tables and surfaces.

Space. The final frontier. These are the news posts of the website T.G.N. Our mission, to bring you the latest in gaming news. In this case that happens to be that Kalidasia Fleet Commander is now available. Go siege yourself a planet!
We've made our way to another Tuesday. The week is well and underway now.
... is anyone else's Tuesday taking a long time, though?
I mean, I woke up on time. I got in to work on time. I've been scheduling posts as usual. Just seems today's going by very slowly. Don't know why. I guess that means I'm being rather productive, since I feel I'm getting a lot done, and it's still pretty early in the day. *shrugs*

But anyway, enough of that. Let's get in to our Podcast Roundup.

In this batch we have: Plaid Hat Games Podcast Episode 180: The Road to Texas, CoolMiniOrNot Podcast Episode 4: The Rise and Fall of Feasting Jared (Not Our Jared), Game Classy 91: Age of ****mar, Beyond Kalidasia Season 3 Episode 5 - Overview of the Beta Phase, and All Us Geeks Episode 58.

We've once again made it to Tuesday. Hopefully May the 4th was with you. And today's Cinco De Mayo. Please celebrate responsibly.

As is our custom, we've collected together the podcasts we've come across in the previous week and present them to you here now.

In this installment we have: Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast #28: Imperial Smog, Beyond Kalidasia - Season 3 Episode 3 - An Overall Look at the Game Design Process, and Adeptus Infernus 021.

Tuesday has come back around. We all made it through Monday.

As per our tradition, we've collected the various Podcasts we've collected over the past week and present them here to you now.

This installment we've got: Mantic Games April Podcast, Screaming Heretic 80: Adepticon Wrap-up, Beyond Kalidasia Season 3 Episode 2 - The Alpha Design Kit, Breachside Broadcast - Tales of Malifaux 01, Jeremy & Zach from Gameloft @ Gamer Conversations Preview, and Adeptus Infernus 018.

It's Tuesday already. Did Monday fly by for anyone else? It certainly did for me.

So we've got another set of new podcast shows we've collected over the past week.

This installment, there's: Game Classy 82: Stupid Baby’s Game, Screaming Heretic ep78: In Memory of Greatness, Lost Hemisphere Radio episodes 107 & 108, The Shiny Model Syndrome Episode 76 - Choices, choices..., Gamers Lounge Ep 104 – It must be Wrath of Kings, and Beyond Kalidasia - S03E01 Things to Think About.

The week's half-over. There's a chance for more ice here in Atlanta. And it's some for some more of the bite-sized stories we've found over the past couple days.

This time we've got: Sector Commander Announces Kickstarter Launch Date, ACP Games Running Vanir Drop Ship Kickstarter, Grusha Female Russian Warrior Available From Another World Miniatures, MiniWorlds: News Expansion Set "Sepulcrum" and "Putridarium" to pre-order, Blucher compatible Brigade Bases available now from Sally 4th, A First Look Video for the Surakari Warships from Kalidasia Fleet Commander has been Posted, LaserCutCard Container variants released, New Trubuchet From Thomarilion, It's Just Soup Studios running Epic Hero and Villain Feat Cards Kickstarter, Soda Pop Updates About Super Dungeon Explore Shipping,Ninja All-Stars Clan Tora Kaiken Preview, and HOTT Element Bases now at

Kalidasia Fleet Commander, the new board game in the Kalidasia universe, is up on Kickstarter and looking for funding. Take command of your own fleet of starships, transports, and other craft and declare your dominance over star systems.
The campaign is looking for a rather modest $1,000 and has 28 days left on the clock.


From the campaign:
Kalidasia Fleet Commander is a new way to play in the Kalidasia universe. Play as either the besieging Surakari or the besieged Heragul in this asymmetric game of planetary invasion. Initial information has been posted, with more to come soon, but for now you can see the beta-versions of some of the materials planned for the game.


From the announcement:
Kalidasia brings the final frontier to your tabletop for cheaper than you'd usually pay during their Space Mat sale.

standard star map


From the post:

This sale is the beginning of a transition in the terrain line for Legends of Kalidasia. The standard white space mats, which launched our terrain line of products, is being phased out. With the release of the newer Reflection Nebula Felt and Vinyl Mats, the remaining stock of the standard space mats are being sold off at half price.

The 6? x 4? Mat is only $20 and the 3? x 3? Mat is $10. These mats can be purchased in our Products Section

Kalidasia Media Productions gives you a new option for your space-playing mat.



From them to you:

Kalidasia Media Productions, LLC is expanding its line of space battle mats to include ones painted on sturdy vinyl. In addition to being a better playing surface, vinyl also allows for the most beautiful and clean artwork yet. Currently, the only size available is 4 feet by 3 feet and this mat is priced at $40.

Legends of Kalidasia has a couple Surakari Frigate variations now available in their webshop to help diversify your fleet.


From the release:

The first of the new Legends of Kalidasia miniatures for 2014 are here. A 3D printed upgrade kit now allows for Surakari Frigates to be transformed into the Anti-Missile Frigate and the Plasma Missile Boat Variations. These figures are available in the $50 Surakari Combat Force Box Set and as a $10 Standalone Figure. Purchase these new warships today through our Kalidasia Store.

Legends of Kalidasia announces a new expansion coming up: Exterion Fleets.

From the announcement:

The next expansion to Legends of Kalidasia, called Exterion Fleets, not only introduces the Colayth Guard as an active combat faction, but it also provides a look into the operation of the Heragul's most secret fleets. Exterion fleets patrol just beyond the borders of the Empire looking for resource rich systems, signs of ancient civilizations, and in this case, new a alien race.

With this expansion, the Colayth Guard will gain access to six different units: Three warships, one light warship, one fighter squadron, and a new class of unit called a 'Strike Craft'. In addition to the new unit class, Colayth Guard fleets bring to the table several new weapon special abilities, a new damage model, a new type of mine, and fighter carriers. Over the next few weeks as the expansion gets closer to release, I'll be show casing the new units and their weapons in detail, but today I'm just going to start with the picture above.

Kalidasia Media Productions has decided to experiment with new business models. As of today, all of the source 3D files for the Kalidasia Miniature line are available for sale at a price you name. Pay $0.00, $99.99, or a number of different values in between. They will leave that up to you:

From their website:

The Internet has triggered a war over digital media files which has caused the media industry leaders to try a number of different ways to save their business model. All tabletop miniature game companies should watch this situation with close interest. As 3D printing technology becomes common place, we will have a choice to fight this futile battle ourselves.

Instead of joining this losing war, Kalidasia Media Productions LLC has decided to experiment with new business models. As of today, all of the source 3D files for the Kalidasia Miniature line are available for sale at a price you name. Pay $0.00, $99.99, or a number of different values in between. I will leave that up to you.

Welcome to the future of tabletop gaming, and if you create some awesome warships from these files, then please share them with me.
Kalidasia Media Productions is pleased to announce that Pre-Painted fleets and figures will be added to their product line:

From their post:

For 2012, Kalidasia Media Productions is pleased to announce that Pre-Painted fleets and figures will be added to our product line. The figures included in these sets are completely assembled and hand painted. All additional game tokens and stat cards will be included as well. Since I will personally be hand painting these fleets, they will be available in limited quantities, so be sure to act fast. Often times, there may only be one copy of a fleet available at any given time.
Kalidasia Media Productions have released their first eBook. From their announcement:
As the Surakari descend on the planet of Silex Four, Sargentic Abbi-Sian, her squad, and a Krylan named Zyrecon must find a way to survive against the overwhelming invaders. As the first commercial short story set in the Legends of Kalidasia Universe, Silex Road presents a view of the battlefield that the tabletop game does not: Ground Combat. Explore the weapons and tactics of both of the Surakari and Heragul, get a first look at the cryptic Krylan, and discover that every planet holds secrets.