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Kaiju Kaos

The week rolls on. To think we've already made it to Wednesday. We deserve something nice. Like... a batch of bite-sized stories served up all in one place for your convenience. Yeah, that sounds good
And so this week comes to an end... Well... not yet. Technically the week comes to an end tomorrow. But the work week comes to an end today... unless you're like me and you work weekends as well...Ok,
Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!The weekend is halfway done. Hopefully you got a chance to get some gaming in, or will be doing some today. I've got some photos of minis to take. Or at least, that's the plan.
Acheson Creations has reconfigured their Kickstarter's stretch goals in order to get them to closer to their current pledge totals, meaning the ability to get them unlocked is right within reach. With
Sunday, rainy Sunday. At least, here in Atlanta it's raining. Due to gaming much of the day yesterday (rpg variety for me, though electronic in nature. Hey! I'm allowed!), it's "do all the chores!!" d
Bailey Records has released the rulebook for their Kaiju Kaos miniatures skirmish game. You can get it in pdf or softcover (or both, if you want).SourceFrom the release:Welcome to 2015The modern world
Acheson Creations expands their Kaiju Kaos line with the release of Line Drive.SourceFrom the release:Acheson Creations is pleased to release this latest addition to our popular collection of Kaiju Ka
Acheson Creations is showing off some photos of a few Kaiju Kaos figures they're about to be shipping out from their Kickstarter campaign.Also, Castle Greyskull... Lord only knows how many hours of my
Acheson Creations gives you a new release for Kaiju Kaos in the form of Ghost Ghoul.SourceFrom the release:Priced at $8USD for an unpainted figurine, originally sculpted by Ean Moody, A Ghost Ghoul is
Acheson Creations released the newest in the Kaiju Kaos family of characters - Cultists of R’lyeh.Painted by Billy CoryUnpainted Version SourceFrom the release:Priced at $5USD for a set of two unpaint
Bailey Records has set 3 of their BMOG stat cards now available in .pdf.SourceFrom the release:This deck contains Stat Cards for the following characters: Bearium - Suport Specialist, Beng-Arii Syn
Bailey Records now lets you use your BMOG toys in Kaiju Kaos with the release of these new stat cards.SourceFrom the release:This deck contains Stat Cards for the following characters: Mant-Axe - S
Bailey Records has released their Kaiju Kaos Smackdown Stat Cards Set 1 for your downloading and playing pleasure.SourceFrom the release:Hello. I'm pleased to announce the next Kaiju Kaos release from
Acheson Creations has a new Kaiju Kaos mini available over in their webshop. This one's Naja Bhoot.SourceFrom the release:Sculpted by Phil Murphy and priced at $5.00USD, this Kaiju mercenary is descri
Acheson Creations has some new zombie abominations and Kaiju now available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the announcement:Sculpted by Bryan K. Borgman and priced at $5.00USD for each pack of two cr
Acheson Creations made it to their funding goal and has also broken through some stretch goals in these, the final days of their Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown Kickstarter. Only a little time left to get in on
Acheson Creations has posted up a preview of stretch goal #2 for their Kaiju Kaos Kickstarter kampa... campaign...They've got a week left and are getting ever-closer to their goal.SourceFrom the updat
Acheson Creations continues to get closer and closer to their funding goal for their Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown Kickstarter campaign. They've got another pair of Kaiju Bios they're showing off.SourceFrom t
Acheson Creations has another pair of bios for their Kaiju Kaos Kickstarter posted up. These are Mothman and Skekiltor.SourceFrom the update:My favorite cryptid is the Mothman... I suppose it has some
Acheson Creations has made it to more than 2/3 their way to their funding goal for their Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown Kickstarter. As such, they've started showing off stretch goals, posting the first one up
Acheson Creations is showing off another pair of bios for the creatures in their Kaiju Kaos Kickstarter campaign. Plus, they've got a free song you can download as well.SourceFrom the update:Hello and
Acheson Creations has posted their first update for their Kaiju Kaos Kickstarter, showing off a couple of the minis.SourceFrom the update:Hello! Welcome to the Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown Kickstarter. I'm h
Acheson Creations has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown set. Go check it out.SourceFrom the campaign:Celebrating our 1st Anniversary by offering 12 different resi
Bailey Records will release some custom, limited edition, painted versions of various Kaiju Kaos minis over in their webshop this evening.SourceFrom the announcement:On Sunday, January 12th at 9pm Eas
Bailey Records will be running their Zombie Week promotion for Kaiju Kaos over in their webshop starting tonight.SourceFrom the announcement:On Sunday, December 15 at 9:00pm Eastern, we'll be opening