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Kaha Miniatures

Here's the latest batch of news snippets for your Sunday reading.There's a bit of everything. New Skeleton Centaur Cavalry paper minis, a new Inquisitor from Kromlech, a new NOLA house from Finger and
Kaha Miniatures has a new piece of Barbarians artwork up that they're showing off.Source
Kaha Miniatures has their new Wheke & Oliver John mini available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the website:Wheke & Oliver John - Time travellerHigh quality resin size: 46mm high & 30mmprice: 35€ In
Kaha Miniatures posted up a preview of the first model for their Barbarian faction.SourceFrom the post:Svenja just arrived in Oroko world the first mini of the Barbarians factionmore will come !
Kaha Miniatures has several new minis available for pre-order over in their webshop.Source
Kaha Miniatures shared a photo their sculptor posted of the Koa miniature that they're working on.SourceFrom the preview:Hi friends today news I present you an habitant Native of Oroko he's name is Ko
Kaha Miniatures has posted up a new WIP they're working on. Lookin' good so far.SourceFrom the preview:Work in Progress Give me a scary shield.hope you'll like it
Kaha Miniatures is showing off another piece of concept art. This one's for Toari Nakaema.SourceFrom the preview:Toari Nakaema tribe concept art by Josselin Fossetwriter: Nicolas Raoult Püpü: sometime
Kaha Miniatures is showing off some preview artwork they've got for a new mini they're working on. Say hello to Gingko.SourceFrom the preview:Gingko is Rin brother a great Oni warrior join his power t
Kaha Miniatures is showing off a new preview of a Drunken Master model they're working on.And so, some people I've talked to recently want to see maybe a touch more editorializing in posts. I've got a
Kaha Miniatures gives us a look at a new piece of preview artwork with a look at Rin.From the preview:Rin In the past Ennemy of Katsuyori now she join the Satsuki clan for Oroko battle ! fear her beau
Kaha Miniatures is showing off some more preview artwork. This time it's for PuPU the Mandrilla.From the preview:Hi friends today I'm proud to present you PuPU the mandrilla from the Nakaema tribes .
Kaha Miniatures is showing off some new concept art with a look at Rayona.From the preview:King of the Nakaema we present you Rayona by Josselin Fosset
Kaha Miniatures has some new greens up on their website. This one's for Zku-R76 25 mm & Virunga 45 mm.
Kaha Miniatures put up preview art for their upcoming Steam Machine Doll.They're a touch creepy.From the preview:Zku-R76 the steam machine dollby Lia Perrone
Kaha Miniatures shows off a little bit of what they're currently working on.From the preview:a little .wip ;) Burnum
Kaha Miniatures is now taking pre-orders for their Wuruhi for the Nakaema Tribe miniature. Be the first kid on your block with one.From them to you:Oroko Rise of the rainbow creaturesprice : 34.5$ shi
Kaha Miniatures has their new Doongara mini now available.From the webpage:Doongara Muogamarra Uenuku 32 mmsculptor : Gaël GoumonOroko Rise of the rainbow creaturesPré-comande disponible sortie 1er ma
Kaha Miniatures has a new release that they're showing off, their Kamaka Bone Hunter.From the release:Kamaka Bone Hunter Height : 40 mmspecial edition miniaturesAvailable in preorder nowprécommande di
Kaha Miniatures has posted up a new work in progess miniature, Katsuyori.From their preview:Kikoo here is a little news from my friend David Anakron Ayral advancing a model for Oroko stay tuned =)