Kabuki Studio

Midweek Snippets

I did soooo much baking over the weekend.
*someone from the audience shouts out "How much baking did you do!?"*
I did so much that there's still some of various treats left, even though there's been a steady stream of coworkers out to the tables where they reside. Though we're getting down to the last bits. I think it's just a bit of fruitcake and the candy cane cookies left.
So, in lieu of trying to send those through the screen so you can try them, how about I just give you some tasty, bite-sized gaming stories, instead? Sounds like a plan.

Today on the platter we have: New Annihilation Beamer Available From Kromlech, The Goblin Sorcerer Paper Model Up On Kickstarter, Rebel Minis Christmas Sale Happening Now, and Mother of Dragons Resin Kit Up On Kickstarter.

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Friday Snippets

This week seems just interminable. There's still half of today to go. I'm hoping to make it through, though. Got some plans to hang out with a good friend this evening and have some pizza (homemade, as in the crust and the sauce started as things like bread flour, Roma tomatoes, onion, and some olive oil), then hopefully do some gaming tomorrow. Tomorrow's plans just became a bit clouded, but still hoping they work out.

Either way, filling up on some bite-sized gaming stories will help. So let's get to it.

On the platter today, we have: Knight Models Teases Next Release, Kromlech New Release: Guardsmen Veteran Heads, Prospero Expansion Released Talisman Digital Edition, Brother Vinni's River Fear Now Available, and Frazetta's Masterpieces: Death Dealer Up On Kickstarter.

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