Judge Not by the Cover

Judge Not by the Cover Adventure for Tails of Equestria Now Available in Digital Form

When it comes to books, some people like having the actual thing in their hand. But there's downsides to that, of which I was reminded the other day when trying to clean out my apartment a bit. So, digital versions are certainly nice. And for those Tails of Equestria players out there, River Horse now has their Judge Not by the Cover adventure now available digitally.

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Judge Not By The Cover Adventure Available For Tails of Equestria

You ever get a bad paper cut? Hurts, doesn't it? Well, what happens when a whole library is trying to give you nasty paper cuts? That's what you'll be facing in the Judge Not by the Cover adventure, the latest for Tails of Equestria. The characters must venture into that magical library, which only appears once every hundred years. Can you make it through and plumb its secrets?

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