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JR Miniatures

JR Miniatures has a Kickstarter campaign up and going for their Space Station Terrain Project.SourceFrom the campaign:We've created basic concepts for designs on a whole new range of terrain based on
JR Miniatures has a new set of islands. For those of us that can't afford to take an island vacation, at least your models can.Aloha oy!JR Miniatures has just release a series of 9 1/1600 scale miniat
JR Miniatures have added several new 15mm terrain pieces designed to be used for Vietnam gaming. #3760 Rice Paddy Square Price: $25.00 #3761 Rice Paddy "Boot" Shaped Price: $25.00 #3762 Khe Sanh Ou
JR Miniatures have added a number of 1:285th scale terrain pieces to their online store. #1302 Shanty Town 3pc Price: $6.00 #1305 Somali Arms Bazaar - 4ea Price: $6.00 #1306 Bashir Hotel - 4ea Pric