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We've got a bunch more news snippets for you.There's some new miniatures from a new game company, Corvus Corax Miniatures. We've got new WWI terrain tile bases from Amera. Kromlech has some new wallpa
Marrow Productions gives us a look inside the rulebook for Journey with some more preview shots of the pages.Source
56 Unpainted Fantasy Mini Figures
Marrow Production is showing off some preview shots of the Journey rulebook's layout.Who else is incredibly excited for this game?SourceFrom the preview:It is with our great pleasure, we would like to
Marrow Production has some shots up of the resin scenery they've made for Journey for those that want a bit more 3D to your game board.scenery 1scenery 2scenery 3scenery 4 SourceFrom the post:These de
Marrow Production is showing off some photos of Journey being made. All those minis...SourceFrom the post:It is really exciting to see the parts of our game in mass production. We now have all the min
Marrow Production is showing off more painted up minis for Journey.I wish I could paint like that.SourceFrom the post:Can you feel the wrath from these demons?Special thanks to Duncan Lui for his prof
Marrow Production has posted some new previews up of another painted model from Journey. This one's Jiangshi.>SourceFrom the post:Additional images of Jiangshi painted by Hon Ho
Marrow Production is showing off a new preview for Journey with a look at the painted-up Kogaiji.SourceFrom the post:A preview of Kogaiji ,painted up by Hon.
Marrow Production is showing off the sculpt for the Kei Lun Heavenly Creature for Journey.SourceFrom the preview:Kei Lun sculpted by Ray Wong. It is the largest miniature in the core boxed game!
Marrow Production has started taking pre-orders for their Journey board game products.SourceFrom the announcement:Marrow Productions has launched the Pledge Manager survey for Journey;Wrath of Demons.
Marrow Production really wants to unlock this last map piece and add it to people's games for Journey... so they've done it.They do hope to offset some of the cost with their Pledge Manager, though.So
Marrow Productions has a gallery up showing off the art and attack ranges for the non-core-box units coming for Journey.SourceFrom the post:Presenting the art for the Profile Sheets and attack ranges
Marrow Productions is in their final day over on Kickstarter for Journey: Wrath of Demons. They're breaking through goals left and right in the mad-dash at the end as Kickstarters are wont to do. If y
Marrow Productions added a new Healing Well terrain piece to the Journey game with their last stretch goal. Now they're showing off artwork for a new demon general.SourceFrom the update:Finally, the B
Marrow Productions have unlocked the first major expansion to Journey: Wrath of Demons over in their Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the update:We have unlocked the White Bone Demon Expansion. You hav
Marrow Production has another limited-time offer going on for their Journey: Wrath of Demons Kickstarter campaign. They're also showing off more concept art. There's just over a week left to get in on
Marrow Productions has made it through another stretch goal over on Kickstarter. They've added new Fortune cards to Journey: Wrath of Demons.SourceFrom the update:You are still knocking these stretch
Marrow Production has posted up a preview of the Dragon Princess for Journey: Wrath of Demons.SourceFrom the update:What is the new miniature? Perhaps you have noticed this announcement was not a stre
Marrow Production has added a new, special Halloween add-on to their Journey: Wrath of Demons Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the post:Okay, all Warrior Monks get a free Jiangshi, a Chinese Zombie res
Marrow Production has posted their very limited-time Kickstarter add-on over in their Journey: Wrath of Demons campaign. You've got until tomorrow to get in on it.SourceFrom the update:The 3 day count
Marrow Productions knows a lot of people like to wait until the last minute to get in on Kickstarter projects. But as a bonus to those that back early, they're going to be having a Limited Time stretc
Marrow Production launched their Journey: Wrath of Demons Kickstarter campaign. They've already made it up over their funding goal, so it's stretch goals for 37 days.The wheel in the sky keeps on turn