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Jolly Roger

Essen is a great chance for companies to release new games to quite a large audience all at once (just like other big conventions like Salute and Gen Con). Ares Games is certainly taking that opportunity and running with it. They have quite a lot of games that they'll be offering for the first time at the show. You'll definitely want to stop by Hall 3-E100.
Every day we get closer to Gen Con. And every day we get more news about what will be happening at the show. As such, every day we get just a little bit more excited. I hope we don't explode or something. That'd be sad, as being exploded would probably put a damper on going to the show. I wouldn't look like my ID picture anymore, so I don't know if they'd give me my badge. Anyway, exploding reporters aside, we have Ares Games' announcement about what they'll be having at the show.
Origins is coming up soon. Less than a month, in fact. It's practically here! Among all the fine vendors that will be at the show will be Ares Games. They have quite a lot of special things in store for the show, including new releases that won't be available to the public yet, as well as letting you try out some games that won't be out until later in the year.
Ares Games isn't content with just giving you one game to look forward to. Oh no, they're announcing two new games for you to get all excited about. They are Jolly Roger and Odyssey. Jolly Roger is a card game for 4 to 10 players. Players play as pirates trying to get as much gold as they can. It's cooperative in a sense that all of them need to work together to win the gold, but then when it comes time to divvy it up, that's where the "one for all, twenty for me" aspect comes in. Odyssey is a Euro-style board game of adventure for 2-4 players. One player gets to play Poseidon while the others are adventurers looking for the Sacred Isle. It's got sort of a "Battleship" mechanic where the game is played on two boards, with Poseidon being the only one who knows the location of the Sacred Isle.
Both games are set to be released at Gen Con this August.

From the announcement: