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John Kovalic

I know we don't really do just "fiction" announcements and releases here on TGN all that often. You're here just for the games. But when gaming and comic icon John Kovalic launches a Kickstarter for a
Every year, John Kovalic, artist extraordinaire who has done work for projects like Cash 'n' Guns, Munchkin, and his Dork Tower series of comics (along with many, many, many others) does a charity bik
Most of you know John Kovalic as the fantastic artist behind things like Dork Tower, Apples to Apples, quite a few Munchkin sets, and many, many, many other projects. But he also likes to go out and r
Pretty much everyone's got "that one weird house" on your block. Strange noises at weird hours. Interesting yard artwork. Parties that spring up out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly. Otherworl
Munchkin's one of those games that's very easy to re-skin to bring in all sorts of different themes to the game. This has resulted in dozens of different expansions for it. Well, Steve Jackson Games h
Every year, famed artist John Kovalic does his bike charity event. In order to raise funds for it, he will make postcards for Munchkin that are 100% game-legal and legit. Pledging to his team during t
One of the comics I've read for longer than pretty much any other is Dork Tower. I remember getting some compilation issue decades ago and carrying it around with me in my gaming backpack. I think it
A new expansion for Cash 'N' Guns is coming out soon. It's called Team Spirit and it brings a whole new dynamic to the game: Teams! The world of crime is rough, and having someone that can watch your
Gamehole Con has announced that Dorkstock will once again be returning to their show. What's Dorkstock? Well, it's the show-within-a-show celebrating all things Muskrat. You don't like Muskrats? What'
Can anyone ever really have too much Munchkin? I don't really think so. But that's me. The folks over at Steve Jackson Games also don't think you can have too much Munchkin. As such, they've got two n
It's lunchtime and what could be better than a nice sammich? Well... two nice sammiches. Or more! When Kobolds get together to eat, it's not just the sammiches that might end up being eaten. You gotta
John Kovalic, comic and game artist (of such games like Munchkin, Apples to Apples, Cash 'n' Guns, and many, many, many more) does regular bike rides for charity. He has another one coming up soon and
As you know, Steve Jackson Games is doing guest artist editions of their Munchkin games. Most of those were originally illustrated by John Kovalic. Well, when it came time to do the original Munchkin
John Kovalic, artist to the stars, is doing another of his charity bike ride events. If you help support him, not only will you be giving your money to a good cause (in this case, the FairShare CSA Co
John Kovalic, the world-renown artist for almost countless games and the comic Dork Tower, is going to be going on another of his charity bike rides. This time it's for Diabetes research. He'd love it
Calliope Games isn't just collecting together some of the greatest game designers for their Titan Series. They've got some of the greatest gaming artists joining the club as well. The games will now f
It's Wednesday already? This week's going by like last week did. It'll be Saturday before you know it (and time to play some D&D for me, anyway).So here's another group of shorter stories we found ove
Steve Jackson Games will have a pop-up Munchkin store in New York in February. Stop by and get advance releases and also get your games signed by the designer, brand manager, and artist.SourceFrom the
Renegade Game Studios has announced Double Feature, their new movie game, illustrated by John Kovalic.SourceFrom the announcement:Players earn points by being the first to name a movie that links elem
John Kovalic lets us peek onto the drawing board for a look at the process behind the making of the art for Munchkin Treasure Hunt.SourceFrom the post:Last year, I was given the list of new projects I
John Kovalic has a WIP shot up of the Matt and Gilly Zombicide models they've been working on.SourceFrom the preview:There Matt and Gilly Zombicide minis are looking SO COOL!YES, I SAID "MATT AND GILL
John Kovalic is giving away signed, limited edition Munchkin cards to those that pledge to his charity bike ride campaign.SourceFrom the announcement:GUYS! The ONE GOOD DEED Munchkin postcards are at
John Kovalic is one of the many gaming celebrities that will be at the show. He's posted up a schedule of where he'll be at during the event so you can stop by and say hello.SourceFrom the post:If you
John Kovalic has posted up a green of the Carson the Muskrat mini they're creating for Zombicide.Carson's so damn cute.SourceFrom the post:The first draft of the Dork Tower sculpts came in from the Zo
Game Trade Magazine sat down and talked with famed artist/game designer John Kovalic about his latest work, ROFL!From the interview:John Kovalic is known for many things: from Apples To Apples to Munc