John Carter of Mars RPG

New John Carter of Mars Releases From Modiphius

The folks over at Modiphius have been working hard on getting you a bunch of new releases for the John Carter of Mars RPG. They've got several new miniatures sets so you can accurately represent your characters and enemies on the table. They've got several new sets of dice (#NoSuchThingAsTooManyDice). And there's also a new slipcase for your books.

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Modiphius Releases John Carter of Mars RPG Core Rulebook PDF

The Red Planet has been in the headlines lately for the new lander we just set on it. Unfortunately, we've yet to find any evidence of a civilization on the planet like there is in the John Carter series of books. However, that doesn't mean you can't vicariously walk around on the planet as part of an RPG. And that's just what you can do in the new John Carter of Mars RPG released by Modiphius. The core rulebook is available as a pdf now.

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