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Midweek Snippets

Monday and Tuesday are in the rear view mirror. Meanwhile, we work our way towards the weekend. We're halfway there, people. We can make it. But if we're gonna do it, we should stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories. Thankfully, that's just the sort of thing we have for you right now.

In this installment there is: Q-Workshop to Release Battletech Dice, ToSS: Trials of Sword and Staff Coming To Kickstarter May 14th, Dreamwars Hits Kickstarter Next Week, Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm April Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, Awful Fantasy: The Card Game coming to Kickstarter May 3, The Painting Frog announces new "Rumble in the Jungle" 40K event, VIII Corps: The Somme 1916 Coming April 29th, Khurasan releases 6mm space demons, New 30mm and 40mm Trench Warfare Bases Available From Tabletop-Art, Final stages of JoeK Minis' Odyssey:Argonauts Kickstarter, KritterKins on Kickstarter April 25th, Mutant Chronicles GM Screen and Dark Legion & Dark Symmetry dice Now Available, British 8th Army WWII 28mm Miniatures Now Available From Crucible Crush, 28mm Halfling Militia Rooster Rider Miniatures on Kickstarter Now, and New models for Ramshackle Miniatures Dwarf Bikers.

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Sunday Snippets

And we're back to a "standard weekend" after the whirlwind that was Adepticon. As great as conventions are, it's the "calm between the storms" that make us appreciate the storms (... I'm not the only one that really likes thunderstorms, am I?).

Anyway, odd metaphors aside, it's time to munch on some bite-sized stories before we get back to the work week tomorrow.

So on our Snippets platter today we have: New Soccer Tokens From Advanced Deployment, JoeK Minis Running Odyssey: Argonauts Kickstarter, and

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Mid-Week Snippets

We're once again between the weekends. With any luck, the week is treating you right. Anyone got some mid-week gaming planned? League nights at the shop? Some after-work RPG sessions? Bueller? Bueller?

Anyway, we've collected some bite-sized news stories and now present them to you.

In this batch we have: New Warband Monsters released at Pendraken, New Broom Binder House from Thomarillion, JoeK Minis sends Heracles on the Odyssey, Box Art Previewed for War of Wonders, New Minotaur from Ax Faction, Mini Idol of Cthulhu & First 75mm mini by Kabuki Models, Update #21 For Manorhouse Workshop Modular Underground Project, Agaricath: Drow City Map From Heroic Maps, New display bases from, Brigade Models Release new 6mm SF Buildings, and iToysoliders is ready to celebrate our 1000th Battle.

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TGN Sunday Edition: News Snippets

Hey there gaming buddies, it's time again for another Sunday Snippets here on TGN.

So what's happening? We've got some photos of Medrin cast in resin resin, Torn Armor gives us an update of their 3D renders with Reaper, a look at some new 10mm terrain from War Mage Games, a new release from Hitech Miniatures, some new template colors from Micro Art Studios, and more.

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One week left to pre-order Hephaestus from JoeK Minis

JoeK Minis is giving you just one more week to pre-order their new Hephaestus mini.
They've got one all painted up to see you what he could potentially look like, too.


From them to you:

One week to go to buy the mighty Hephaestus from JoeK MInis, at the discounted price of £25. He then goes for a rest until the next figure arrives! 70+mm of...erm...godliness, sculpted by Robby Crawforth (with concept art by Roberto Cirillo), this is a true showstopper of a figure!

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Another Hephaestus Sighting at JoeK Minis

JoeK Minis gives us another look at their Hephaestus mini. They'll be taking pre-orders for him soon.



From the post:

Good news everybody! Test casts of Hephaestus have arrived and they're...just fabulous. Keep watching the FB page - pre-orders will start to be sold in the next few days . And *this* is what you'll get (after a little bit of sticking )

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Go on an Odyssey with JoeK Minis

JoeK Minis is starting to post previews for their upcoming Odyssey game. First up, Hephaestus.


From the preview:

Odyssey is my (very) long term project which will hopefully become the main foundations of JoeK Minis for the forseeable future. It started as a germ of an idea about four years ago, but it was only whilst the initial sculpting work on the Troll was going on that I thought about buckling down and doing something about it!

Whilst me and my writing colleague Fet Milner are still busy working on the ever increasing background of the universe and it's characters, I think it's suffice to say that the basic premise is the idea of taking our ideas of myth, legends and religious beliefs and turning them on their head, launch them into the far, far, faaaaar distant future and see what happens with the result!

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Final days for JoeK Minis' Trolls of Trudvang Kickstarter

JoeK Minis are in their last 2 days over on Kickstarter for their Trolls of Trudvang Kickstarter campaign. They've made more than 3x their original goal, so check out stretch goals.

Little Troll Upgrade


From the campaign:

Hello folks.

Deviating slightly from talk of figures old, I thought I'd announce something cool.

It's fair to say I have absolutely no idea how this Kickstarter is going to end up, and to that end I thought 'to hell with stretch goals' and just let everyone have this one on the house :)

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Dwarf add on announced for Trolls of Trudvang Kickstarter

JoeK Minis brings more dwarves into your life with a new dwarf add-on for their Trolls of Trudvang Kickstarter campaign.



From the update:

The second hero to confront the trolls has arrived, and is available to add on to your pledge. Sculpted by Andrew May and at a measly £5, why not add this stout fellow to the party!

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JoeK Minis' Dragon Huntress now available in their store

JoeK Minis now has their Dragon Huntress mini available over in their webshop.

From the announcement:

The pre-order phase is all complete, and stock has landed in the store. Available for immediate despatch, it would be terribly cruel of you *not* to pick up this wonderful (and limited!) figure, sculpted by MIKH. Loving packaged in a sturdy box, with a numbered card showing off the original concept art, she's crying out for some paint on her...£22 plus postage!

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JoeK Minis taking pre-orders for Dragon Huntress

JoeK Minis has started taking pre-orders for their Dragon Huntress mini. Be the first gamer on your block with this model when it is released.

From the preview:

The Dragon Huntress, sculpted by MIKH, will come in 6 parts, along with a big 50mm round lipped base. She will also come delivered in a nice, tough plastic box with a special little card showing off the original concept art. Whilst the figure remains 35mm, the overall package presents the biggest project I've ever taken on! This model is limited to production run of 500 models

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JoeK Minis release the Emerald City Guards of zO

JoeK Minis has now released their Emerald City Guard of zO over on their website. Dorothy won't know what hit her.

From the release:

Finally. the world of zO has some new inhabitants

The Emerald City Guards are the equivalent of the shock troops of zO I guess. They're also terribly nasty and mean to all and sundry - as you might be if you'd had your head cut in two, your eyes replaced with tubes of emerald, and a speakerphone instead of where your mouth is supposed to be!). Wonderfully sculpted by Bob Naismith, these are one-piece castings in high quality resin.

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JoeK minis previews Mr Good Axe and Mr Bad Axe

JoeK Minis has two new models they've previewed up on their website. They're the dynamic duo of Mr. Bad Axe and Mr. Good Axe.

From the website:

As promised, please give a hand for the two latest JoeK Minis! First off we have Mr Bad Axe. We then have his...erm...partner in crime, who I've originally entitled Mr Good Axe. Both figures have been sculpted by the talented Matt Gubser, and I think will be an absolute blast to paint up! They both stand the usual sort of height for my figs, so you're looking at the 32mm mark, but as you can see they're chunky guys! First batch of stock will be on the store at around 7pm tonight, but in really quite small numbers, so if you like the look of 'em, buy them quick!

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JoeK Minis Re-Releases 'zO'

JoeK Minis has acquired zO, originally released by Steve Buddle:

From their website:

Launched in style with a brand new logo by none other than Tears of Envy, the hope is to really establish the range, get new figures out and expand what is already a fantastic universe of really great characters. Our website has been fully updated with new sections and (finally) a fully integrated web-store. The six original figures are available now in resin, along with a limited amount of sets in metal. Come over and have a look!

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JoeK Minis Announces Free Postage

JoeK Minis is going to relaunch their site and in celebration they are offering free postage:

From their announcement:
JoeK Minis is going into refurb! Getting shot of 2011 and looking forward to 2012 with an updated site, and (finally!) new figures to talk about. With this in mind, I'm offering free postage (worldwide) on all stock at the store. Wishing you all a Merry Xmas, and happy New Year (2012's got to be better than this one...fingers crossed!)

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JoeK Minis release The Baroness

The BaronessJoeK Minis have released The Baroness figure. From their announcement:
Finally, I've released a figure for 2011. The Baroness is now available. Sculpted by Ari Nielsson, she's a 28mm figure (to her eyes...sockets...whatever), and comes in high quality resin. In just one piece. Which is always a nice thing. Whilst the release is something to celebrate, what's equally celebratory is that she'll cost £7.50 (plus postage). In fact, all the figures in the range are now at this price. Who says prices are going up all the time! Pop along to the website and have a looksie.

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