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JoeK Minis

Monday and Tuesday are in the rear view mirror. Meanwhile, we work our way towards the weekend. We're halfway there, people. We can make it. But if we're gonna do it, we should stock up on some bite-s
And we're back to a "standard weekend" after the whirlwind that was Adepticon. As great as conventions are, it's the "calm between the storms" that make us appreciate the storms (... I'm not the only
We're once again between the weekends. With any luck, the week is treating you right. Anyone got some mid-week gaming planned? League nights at the shop? Some after-work RPG sessions? Bueller? Bueller
Hey there gaming buddies, it's time again for another Sunday Snippets here on TGN.So what's happening? We've got some photos of Medrin cast in resin resin, Torn Armor gives us an update of their 3D re
JoeK Minis is giving you just one more week to pre-order their new Hephaestus mini.They've got one all painted up to see you what he could potentially look like, too.SourceFrom them to you:One week to
JoeK Minis is now taking pre-sale orders for their new Hephaestus minis over in their webshop.Source
JoeK Minis gives us another look at their Hephaestus mini. They'll be taking pre-orders for him soon.SourceFrom the post:Good news everybody! Test casts of Hephaestus have arrived and they're...just f
JoeK Minis is starting to post previews for their upcoming Odyssey game. First up, Hephaestus.HephaestusHephaestus art SourceFrom the preview:Odyssey is my (very) long term project which will hopefull
JoeK Minis are in their last 2 days over on Kickstarter for their Trolls of Trudvang Kickstarter campaign. They've made more than 3x their original goal, so check out stretch goals.SourceFrom the camp
JoeK Minis brings more dwarves into your life with a new dwarf add-on for their Trolls of Trudvang Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the update:The second hero to confront the trolls has arrived, and is
JoeK Minis now has their Dragon Huntress mini available over in their webshop.From the announcement:The pre-order phase is all complete, and stock has landed in the store. Available for immediate desp
JoeK Minis has started taking pre-orders for their Dragon Huntress mini. Be the first gamer on your block with this model when it is released.From the preview:The Dragon Huntress, sculpted by MIKH, wi
JoeK Minis has now released their Emerald City Guard of zO over on their website. Dorothy won't know what hit her.From the release:Finally. the world of zO has some new inhabitantsThe Emerald City Gua
JoeK Minis has two new models they've previewed up on their website. They're the dynamic duo of Mr. Bad Axe and Mr. Good Axe.From the website:As promised, please give a hand for the two latest JoeK Mi
JoeK Minis has acquired zO, originally released by Steve Buddle:From their website:Launched in style with a brand new logo by none other than Tears of Envy, the hope is to really establish the range,
JoeK Minis is going to relaunch their site and in celebration they are offering free postage:From their announcement:JoeK Minis is going into refurb! Getting shot of 2011 and looking forward to 2012 w
JoeK Minis have released The Baroness figure. From their announcement: Finally, I've released a figure for 2011. The Baroness is now available. Sculpted by Ari Nielsson, she's a 28mm figure (to her e