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Sweden's two biggest RPG makers are joining forces. The folks at Free League Publishing and Jarnringen are becoming one company. This means taht games like Symbaroum, Mutant: Year Zero, and Tales From the Loop will all be made by one company. Considering the acclaim those titles have gotten, I expect big things from them going forward.

Symbaroum, the dark fantasy RPG setting is full of monsters and other dangers for the players to come across. Which monsters? Well, that's what they're looking to fund with their current Kickstarter campaign. It is in 3 parts and aims to create a Monster Codex, a book of Adversaries, and a book of rules for creating the first two.
Are you ready to continue on your adventures in the Chronicles of the Throne of Thorns cycle? That's good, because Jarningen has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund it. It's called Karvosti - the Witch Hammer and it's 152 pages of adventure as the sequel to Thistle Hold. Even if you're not playing through the full path, the book stands on its own as an adventure for your characters.
Järnringen have brought their hit RPG, Symbaroum, to Kickstarter. They've launched a campaign for Thistle Hold - Wrath of the Warden. This is to be the first of their Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns (... doesn't sound too comfy, but I guess if you're in leather pants, it's not so bad) series, of which they hope to create six more episodes in the future.
Hold tight, people. We're almost there. We've come too far to give up now... Though I'm not sure how you could give up on "time moving forward" and just decide to quit it (without talking about time dilation or other, less-than-savory topics. O,o). Anyway, it's Friday and that means we're at the gateway to the weekend. Best to gather supplies in the form of some bite-sized stories.

Today's snippets includes: Symbaroum Being Translated Into French, DGS Games Previews Sunbringer for Traazorites on Kickstarter, Siren Miniatures Troublemaker Bundle Available Now, Hitechminiatures new releases, Khurasan releases 15mm Afghan Mujahideen/Taliban, and New Panzerschreck team.

The new-to-English-speaking-audiences fantasy RPG, Symbaroum, has really been making a splash, from what I've been hearing from you guys and some other friends that I talk with. The game is a bit different from your standard fantasy RPG, with a bit of a darker feel and more wild tone to it. Well, those that were concerned about getting their own copy have a new way to do so, as Modiphius has entered into an agreement to sell the game internationally.
While I know that there are a lot of advantages to having electronic versions of books and other articles (quick searching, light weight, can carry a whole library on a single electronic device, etc), I'm still a fan of actually holding a book in my hand. I prefer reading from printed pages rather than a computer screen (I do the computer screen thing all day already). Well, for those that have wanted to check out Symbaroum, but haven't really wanted the digital version, today's your lucky day. You can now order the hardback rulebook direct from the source.
I always love when I see a crowdfunding campaign not only succeed during the time frame for it, but to then be shipped out to backers. Though I honestly see the true "success" of a campaign when those products are then released to a general audience. Järnringen is even going one step further than that. Not only is their Symbaroum RPG now available in pdf, but they've also got plans for where the game will be headed in the near future.
Järnringen is running an Indiegogo campaign to bring their Symbaroum fantasy RPG to an English-speaking audience. The game is D20-driven, but there are certain mechanics that make it unique, such as having the players handle all the dice-rolling, which gives the DM more time to focus on narrative and not worry so much about counting pips. Players also must balance their actions and not create too much blight in themselves (or, I guess you could just go on a rampage and grab all the blight you can find).
The campaign is set to run for the next 38 days.

From the campaign: