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Jake Thornton

Jake Thornton gives us looks inside his creation of Deadzone with some designer's diary posts over on his blog.

From the update:

Hi folks,

what with Deadzone rolling along on very nicely on Kickstarter and the Alpha rules going out tomorrow, I've started a series of Designer's Notes articles on Quirkworthy. These aim to explain a bit more about the thinking behind the rules and what options were discussed and discarded (and why).

Jake Thornton gives us some more insight into his design philosophy behind DreadBall over on his website.

From the update:

You know that sinking feeling you get when you count the line of body bags by your Subs’ Bench and then the funds you have to get them all fixed up and good as new? Well Season 2 has the answer.

Jake Thornton continues his look at Season 2 DreadBall teams and the design behind them with the Judwan.

From the update:

I've just posted the last of the 4 new team discussions on my blog:

God of Battles has a fan-based Facebook group that's going to have a giveaway when they hit 75 members.

From the announcement:

Some enterprising folks have set up a God of Battles group on FaceBook and as a way of encouraging people to join they’ve giving one random member a free blister from the range once they reach 75.

Jake Thornton continues to give us a look into his mind as he talks about the design decisions behind the Void Sirens.

From his brain:

One of the things I really like about the way the Void Sirens have come out is that the models make sense to me. Very often in fantasy and SF miniatures, the women get to wear little more than chainmail bikinis and other such dubious fashions. Now don’t get me wrong here – I’m far from suggesting that attractive women should hide their talents under a bushel, but I do like things to make sense, both visually and otherwise. In order for me to really believe in a fictional world it’s got to make sense, at least under its own terms, and very often female models fail badly in this regard. If there’s a reason why they’re scantily clad then fine. On the other hand, if they’re supposedly front line warriors or standing about in a snowfield then it just seems a bit silly. That’s my personal view, anyway.

Jake Thornton has been doing more than just smashing together futuristic athletes on the fields of DreadBall. He's got a lot more up his sleeve and has posted a little bit about what he's working on.

From the post:However, those two are less than half of what I’ve got booked in for Mantic. There’s Dead Zone coming up really soon too. That’s still largely under wraps, so I can’t tell you much beyond the title and the fact that the first models are back already and they look great! Dead Zone isn’t the only covert project either, as another of them cannot even be named out loud (or else Bad Things happen). That’s a bit of a departure and a rather fun one at that. Crazy, but fun :)

Finally², there’s DKH 4.

God of Battles designer Jake Thornton has posted some designer's notes articles over in his weblog.

From the man, himself:

Hi folks,

following on from the popular announcement that God of Battles is soon to be released, I can now talk about the design in detail. I've got the first two posts about army lists and selection up already.

Feel free to ask questions :)

God of Battles, the upcoming mass combat fantasy game by Jake Thornton, has a release date: March 1st.

From the announcement:

Like it says in the title, God of Battles finally has a date set for its official release: the 1st of March 2013.

A handful of copies have snuck out already, and there’s even a review of the book online (though he hadn’t played the game when he wrote it). For most people, however, it’s been unavailable. But there’s not long to wait now.

To celebrate this momentous event, there will be an event at Foundry HQ on the 1st and 2nd of March. I’ll be there on both days to talk to anyone who will listen about GoB and run folk through the rules. Most of the demo armies seem to have gone walkabout with the change in management at Foundry last year, but I’m sure we’ll find something to use.

Jake Thornton has gotten the DreadBall ... umm... ball... rolling and has now announced where he's headed next with publishing.

Well DreadBall is rolling along nicely and all my other freelance work is under control. So what next?

I’ve mentioned self-publishing once or twice in passing, and this is something I’ve been considering for a long while. Now I’m all done considering and am busy trying to implement it.

What I mean by self-publishing is selling my game designs directly as PDFs, with an option for Print On Demand (POD) sites like Lulu to sort people out with hard copies if they want them.